Concepts TV Produces Pajama Jeans For DRTV Marketer Hampton Direct!

by Kristy Pinand-Dumpert, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Concepts TV Productions

I for one wake up in the morning and sometimes just want to stay in my pajamas. After all- what’s more comfortable than lounging around in your pj’s? And I’m pretty sure wearing my pajamas out in public or to work WILL get me some attention. Negative attention that is. All I have to say if thank goodness there’s Pajama Jeans!!

Concepts TV is always presented with new and exciting products but selling jeans on TV is a first! When DRTV Marketing mogul, Hampton Direct, sent us the product, we were cautiously optimistic about this infomercial. Stylish, sexy looking jeans that feel as soft and comfortable as pajamas? I mean seriously, does it get any better? BUT at a $39 price point in short form and a choice of 8 different sizes, it definitely had it challenges. But DRTV veteran Collette Liantonio loves a challenge. Her creative background combined with Steve Heroux’s marketing acumen and the offer building expertise of Sonia Makurdsik, a marketing consultant for Hampton Direct, Pajama Jeans was sure to be a hit!

The challenge? How to capture the fashionable, stylish side of jeans and combine it with the comfort of pajama bottoms. So our DRTV producers put on their thinking caps and decided to shoot the majority of the spot in front of a green screen for that fashionable’ edge. We combined it with other scenes of people lounging in them around the house to stress the soft, comfortable pajama feel. The end result? Well, all I can say is move over Snuggie because the latest rage is Pajama Jeans! The View, Good Morning America, Jay Leno have all feature the Pajama Jeans sensation.

What do Pajama Jeans have that the Snuggie doesn’t? My voice! That’s right. I indeed was chosen as the final voice of the Pajama Jeans campaign (blushing). I get to do all the internal scratch tracks. In fact my colleagues even nicknamed me pipes’. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to be chosen as the final infomercial voice. And that’s exactly what happened with Pajama Jeans. In fact- we even voiced it with another VO artist but after hearing that cut with her voice versus my voice, our DRTV client decided to use me instead! (Yippee) It’s very rewarding turning on the television and hearing myself everywhere. I’m loving it- although my husband doesn’t. Now when Ryan turns on the TV to relax, I’m STILL in his ear!