Sumo Wrestlers – The New Infomercial Star

Sumo wrestlers (those enormous men who wrestle in diaper-like uniforms) have become the biggest and brightest stars at Concepts TV!  Furniture Fix, from Marketer Hampton Direct and DRTV consultant SRM Direct is a support system designed to add support to older, sagging sofas. Our challenge was to visually convey the strength and durability of Furniture Fix?

We cast men and women of varying ages and placed them on an assortment of old couches and chairs for ‚“before” and ‚“after” shots. The difference was instantly evident. With Furniture Fix, everyone instantly appeared taller and were no longer ‚“slouching”. ¬†They were also able to stand up easily rather than struggling out of their seat cushion. But DRTV is all about creating memorable, dramatic demonstrations. So, we brought in the Sumo wrestlers. We cast one 400 lb Sumo wrestler and another 600 lb wrestler. We asked both wrestlers to sit together on a couch supported by Furniture Fix panels. Even with 1,000 lbs of weight resting upon the cushions, the couch still did not sag or sink! Everyone who sees the commercial remembers that amazing demonstration!


New Jersey Infomercial Production Company Agency Continues Winning Traditions


From Sumo Wrestlers to Fashionable Pajamas, Concepts TV Has Done it All

BOONTON, New Jersey (November, 2011) – Concepts TV Productions Inc. has yet again proven themselves to be experts in the Direct Response Television industry. With a reputation for Infomercial and Direct Response Short form his, the award winning agency continues their winning traditions by adding multiple awards this year. Recent honors include:

  • Bronze Telly Awards for Pajama Jeans, Furniture Fix and Total Pillow by marketer Hampton Direct, Pay Anywhere by marketer North American Bancard and the Clean Step Mat by Ontel Products.
  • Gold Aurora Awards for Furniture Fix by Hampton Direct and Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus by
  • ‚ÄòBest Short Form, People’s Choice' for Pajama Jeans by Hampton Direct as well as ‚ÄòBest Short Form for Under $50,000’ (Pajama Jeans) at The 2011 Moxie Awards.

While winning never gets old for Collette Liantonio, Founder of Concepts TV, the thrill is in watching a project grow from conception to completion. ‚“It’s the variety of projects that makes me love this business!” exclaims Liantonio. ‚“One moment, we are filming models as they strut their stuff in fashionable Pajamas Jeans, the next moment we are asking 600 lb. sumo wrestlers to test out housewares products like ‚“Furniture Fix”. ‚“It’s all fun and it keeps things fresh.”

Concepts TV is a New Jersey based Direct Response Television production agency that focuses on Long Form and Short Form Infomercials, brand building commercials, website development, social and corporate media. By applying their expertise in the DRTV industry, the production company has generated billions of dollars in sales for their clients. Founded by Collette Liantonio in 1983, Concepts TV has produced commercials and infomercials for wide range of products including Pajama Jeans, The George Foreman Grill, The Amish Heat Surge Fireplace, The Total Pillow, and many more. To learn more about Concepts TV Productions, visit, or follow them on Facebook, and Twitter, #ConceptTV.


Shooting with Animals







By Dana Conklin, Senior Producer/Assistant Director, Concepts TV Productions

2011 ERA Moxie Award Winners, Concepts TV Productions, takes a look at what production strategies helped lead to the success of the hit TV Commercial, Emery Cat.

The most important part of Direct Response TV pet commercials is knowing the animals you’re working with! ¬†Just like human actors, make sure your animals are comfortable around people. Some animals like to become familiar with products before hand; while with others you sometimes get the best takes by capturing their initial curiosity. Cats are a bit more difficult than most animals‚Ķthey don’t like leaving their home environment.¬† During the Emery Cat production, Concepts’ DRTV producers decided to shoot using 2 creative approaches. ¬†With multiple days of shooting planned, the first approach was to set a solid shoot date with actors and cats already familiar with the product.¬† We captured all of our important demos, product shots, b-roll, and captured cats that were familiar with the product. ¬†Our second creative approach was to load up and go to local animal shelters in New Jersey where a variety of cats gave us the playful, spontaneous energy and curiosity we needed for the commercial. ¬†By combining both creative directions, Concepts TV Productions produced a hit commercial that has been seen by all.

If you have a large budget and money to burn, hiring professional pet handlers is another great idea for pet commercials.¬† However, they can also come with their own set of problems.¬† While shooting the TV Commercial the Dr’s Book of Home Remedies for pets, we hired a professional pet handler to bring cats to set. They got the job done, but they left an alarming surprise behind ‚Äì FLEAS! One day of shooting led to an infestation of an entire household. That’s one more reason we suggest using family pets when shooting any DRTV Commercial or Infomercial.

When casting for animals – commercial producers need to make sure all actors are comfortable with animals and that the animals are comfortable with the actors. We recommend using actors that own their own animals to ensure a safer shoot. Nice animals are still animals, and can become dangerous when frightened or subjected to strangers.



Collette Liantonio Interviewed by ERA TV

Click the screen below to see Collette's interview with ERAtv as she discusses her success in the industry.