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Give us some ‘Props!’


For every project, the production team sits down for an initial project kick-off meeting.  Among a variety of other topics related to the project, we talk extensively about props.  Props as in give each other compliments? No... I mean we talk about what items we will need to have in both the foreground and background to make our product shine.

The ultimate goal of these meetings is to choose props that enhance the scene.¬†While the product featured in the commercial is the ‚Äòstar’, props can be looked at as the ‚Äòsupporting cast’.¬† As a team, every prop is chosen carefully so that it never distracts or pulls focus from our 'star' of the show, the product.

As the project continues, the script is written, and this is where the props team kicks into high gear.¬† Every scene is dissected by what is written for the visual as well as the audio. Here is an example of a visual:¬† ‚“NEGATIVE: Woman in kitchen creating a mess making soup”.

To the untrained eye, that vague description means very little. For my Producer eyes, it is a treasure-trove of information... It means we need to scour our prop warehouse to organize cutting boards, pots, pans, knives, ladles, hand towels, and kitchen trinkets for the background.  I start making a list of items we need to shop for. For this example, visions of carrots, celery, onions and other soup materials start to dance in my head.  And I don't mean just one celery stalk... We need to prepare for 10 plus takes to get the shot just right which adds up to a lot of veggies at the market!  This list of items is just for one scene out of 20 plus within any given commercial, so you can imagine how quickly the list of props grows for one spot!

After days prepping, shopping,¬†and packing we get to the shoot day. This is where I put my proactive producer hat on and the team kicks into overdrive. Every prop and background trinket gets organized on long tables by scene order. These massive tables of ‚“stuff” may look like a disaster area.¬† To me, it is chaos organized and re-assurance that we have done our part to ensure each scene change goes smoothly and our shoot remains on schedule.

As the shoot day moves on and scenes are completed, the prop tables slowly empty out.  Trinkets that appear in the background for a mere 1-2 seconds, are sorted, gingerly wrapped up and packed away into awaiting production cars.  The prop warehouse is re-stocked, purchased items are returned and the cycle repeats itself with the next project kick off call…

So the next time you watch a DRTV commercial, take some time to give us ‚Äòprops’ for a job well done!



Prop table from a recent shoot, Note this is just for 3 scenes!

props 2

A small sample of our prop warehouse



Top 5 Products You Need to Get the Summer Body You Crave

BY Lauren Fahey-

Summer is around the corner and there is no time to wait to get your body right for the warm weather. If you have a wedding in 130 days (but who’s counting), a vacation, family reunion or you just want to feel good about yourself than keep reading‚Ķ this blog is for you!

Here are some products that I have had the opportunity to use at Concepts TV Productions. I know they will make you feel refreshed and ready for some sunny days!

  1. no!no!  

Wouldn’t it be nice to be hair and care free for the summer? Don’t do what I’ve done and waste hundreds of dollars at a professional lasers treatment center. They are painful, costly, take forever and they do not guarantee the client will see results. ¬†no!no! is fast pain free and promises immediate lasting results. One of my favorite things about no!no! is that I can easily carry it with me every day and use it wherever, whenever! Say goodbye to that peach fuzz and hello to the undeniably smooth, hair free skin you deserve!


  1. Maxi Climber

For those of you interested in toning all of your muscle groups on just one simple machine, this one’s for you! Maxi Climber works your entire body - combining weight resistance, muscle toning and aerobic exercise. Climb your way to that summer body you’ve always wanted! Maxi Climber will help tone, shapely arms, rock-hard abs, sexy six packs, and help to get leaner, shapelier legs.


  1. Veggetti

We all know that healthy diets and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to losing weight. But did you know with Veggetti you do not have to compromise with the foods you love? Veggetti is the vegetable cutter that makes healthy "pasta" out of veggies. You can prepare a delicious, low carb meal out of zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and more! Perfect combination with MaxiClimber to get the lean, mean body you have always desired.


  1. Ped Egg                                  

Oldie but for sure a goodie! ‚“What sexy dry feet you have!” said NO ONE EVER!

Before you even think about putting sandal on or going barefoot to the beach please make sure your feet are groomed!

In just seconds you can go from dry and cracked skin to smooth and sexy skin! Simply rub Ped Egg across the surface of your soles to reveal younger, smoother, softer skin. The dead skin is neatly collected in the egg so there is no mess to clean up after. Show off your summer soles with the help of Ped Egg.

ped egg

  1. AB Archer

Nothing screams ‚“SEXY” louder than chiseled abs. If you want awesome abs without killing your back doing crunches you’ll love AB Bow! It’s the safe and most effective way to get the results you want. It’s like having your own personal trainer right in the comfort of your home. Does it get any better than that? There are different resistant levels so you can start today at the beginner level and find yourself at the advanced level in no time!

Now you know what products to use to be hair free, fit, hygienically groomed and eating healthy. These will help bring out the best version of you there is.

ab archer

Act Now... Don’t Wait!