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DRTV Zombie Dance 2016 produced by Concepts TV


The Electronic Retailing Association’s 2016 D2C Convention featured The Moxie Awards Gala, akin to Oscar Night for the Direct Response/Infomercial world. Luminaries from Direct Response Marketing attended and received awards for the most successful DR campaigns of 2015/2016. ¬†Interspersed throughout the Gala dinner were various videos, some highlighting the industry’s philanthropic work, while others touched on creative trends.¬† One standout video at the Gala was ‚“DRTV Zombie Dance 2016,” a dystopian thriller where DR influencers transfigured into Zombies.


Concepts TV Productions, who produced the video, along with Marketing Maven, ERA, Swipe Payment Solutions, Marc Gill, Ideal Living, Guthy-Renker, Bluewater Media, and THOR Associates, tapped into THE UNDEAD with Zombie-centric submissions.  Check out the video:

These DR Marketing companies dolled themselves up as Zombies and Zombified their DR products. The result was flesh-eatingly perfect!


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Concepts TV Productions Receives the First Annual Pro Bono Moxie Award


LAS VEGAS, NV – (September 20th, 2016) – Concepts TV Productions, the NJ based Direct Response Production Company, received the first annual Pro Bono Moxie Award at the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) Award ceremony.

ERA is a non-profit trade¬†association¬†for direct response and infomercial companies that sell goods and services on the internet, TV and at ‚“As Seen on TV” retail stores. Each year, Moxie Awards are presented to the greatest direct response marketing campaigns. This year the first annual pro bono award was given to the team at Concepts TV for ItStartsWithAGirl.org. Concepts TV traveled to India to create a video presentation to raise funds in an effort to break the cycle of poverty and provide education for girls in rural India.

Jon Calderaro, Vice President of Operations at Concepts TV said, ‚“I was very touched by the stories of the girls at the school and amazed at the level of commitment from the teachers. They are amazing people that are volunteering to make a difference and, from what I can see, it’s working.” To see the complete video, go to https://www.ItStartsWithAGirl.org/.

Collette Liantonio, President and Creative Director at Concepts TV stated, ‚“I felt really blessed to have been a part of this project and so grateful to receive this award. I hope in some way my involvement will inspire other DRTV professionals to be a part of giving back.”

Concepts TV Productions, currently based in Fairfield, N.J., is one of the world’s most experienced producers of DRTV commercials and infomercials. Concepts TV strives to participate in fundraising and philanthropic efforts from causes such as March of Dimes, The Wheelchair Foundation, NJ State Organization of Cystic Fibrosis and the Essex County Family Justice Center for Domestic Violence.

To donate to The Kripalu School, please visit www.ItStartsWithAGirl.org/donate/


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Real Means REAL!

Written by: Producer, Rachel Leskanic

When I was younger I remember watching TV with my family. My mom would always see testimonials in commercials and say ‚“How do I get that job?” I now have an easy answer to that question. Befriend the production assistant at Concepts TV! If you’ve ever wondered about those testimonials, I can now tell you they come from hours of phone calls, power points, and lots of searching.

Testimonials can be easy to find or extremely difficult to find, depending on the product. When we are told by clients that they want testimonials in their commercial, my first instinct is to clarify age and gender. Once I’ve done that, I can go back to my desk and get down to business. First, I brainstorm. Do I have any family members that might benefit from the product? Do any of my coworkers know someone who might be interested? Are there any previous testimonials from other spots that might want to try another product? If I’ve answered those questions and still haven’t found any testimonials, I head straight to Facebook. Facebook postings are quick, easy, fun, and almost always generate a response. The goal is to find real users that will tell me the honest truth about the product.

Testimonial searches for a workout machine are easy. Everyone wants a new and simple way to work out and get in shape. But for a coffee maker the search is a little more difficult. Lots of people don’t drink coffee (I wouldn’t know, I don’t associate with non-coffee drinkers).

The best way to gauge someone’s interest is a quick phone chat. For example, if it’s a knee brace, I ask questions like ‚“What kind of knee pain do you have?” and ‚“Why would you like to try our knee brace?” For each testimonial, I’ll prepare a synopsis of the person’s story and add a little picture. Power point is the easiest way to organize people and stories in a powerful layout for the clients.

My last step is the most important, the pre-shoot interview. This usually comes a few days after the testimonial has used the product and a week before the shoot. Now I want specifics. I want to know when your knee pain started, what the cause is, how many other remedies you’ve tried, when and where it hurts the most, and how it affects your life. These interviews give me the meat of the story. If a testimonial indicates she hurt her knee running, and she can’t bend down to pick her young baby up, I now know exactly what footage I need to get to complement their story. If someone says he hurt his knee skiing, my next questions would be where and when can I get some skiing footage?

Whether it takes me one day, or one week to find the testimonials, I can guarantee that each and every one is 100% real. They have used the product, they have loved the product, and they have told the truth. When it comes to Concepts TV’s testimonials, real means REAL.