Facebook Taking Over Online Video

Facebook has always been about community – with groups, photo albums, and universities all coming together to form the largest online society in the world. Now, Facebook is connecting people through online video with their new product, Watch.

The difference in this platform vs. the already existing “videos” tab is that shows and videos are organized around what your friends are watching. Once again, Facebook is trying to virtually connect people through shared interests, this time -- online video.


Content Creation

Facebook is utilizing the influx of content creators from around the world to produce this entirely new ecosystem for shows. This gives businesses an opportunity to capture Generation Z and millennials with their original content. There are also opportunities for product placement in Facebook original shows. The shows may not have proved revolutionary just yet, but the way of consuming the shows through online video is indeed innovative.



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Marketers Shifting TV Budgets to Social Media

Television has been the cash cow for advertising budgets for over 50 years. However, for the first time ever, digital advertising usurped television advertising spends in 2016. Now, big brands are turning to social media and the digital world to market their products.

As a new medium becomes king, there becomes a new way that its followers consume the message. In the digital world, the majority of individuals, specifically those in the younger generations, consume their content via their smartphones. As content consumption shifts to social media and smartphones, brands must adapt and transfer their marketing budgets towards new applications and methods of distribution.


Deep Patel of Forbes says, “Marketers need to focus on building social media campaigns that are mobile, diverse and realistic.” Patel recommends that advertisers abide by five marketing mantras:

  1. Invest in Interactive Technologies: Brands can develop their own collaborative applications that require interactivity with potential customers.
  2. Feature Diverse and Gender-Neutral Subjects: Social media is the anti-Fox news. The younger generation is shifting away from traditional TV binaries and they want more liberal-focused content.
  3. Analyze Brands Gen Zers Already Love: There are certain brands that are ahead in the content consumption race including YouTube, Revolve, and Nike. Study the social media content the experts are creating and what platforms they are utilizing.
  4. Select Social Media Platforms Wisely: While Facebook is a major moneymaker for brands; Gen Z is shifting towards Instagram and Snapchat. Brands need to take inventory of their key demographic and create content on that specific demographics social platform.
  5. Include Paid Elements to Accelerate Engagement: While organic content is important, brands need to pay to play in the world of social media. Digital advertisers need to keep in mind that Gen Z and the digital generation connect with “real people in real situations” instead of the cookie cutter image on traditional television.


Patel, Deep. “5 Tips for Creating Social Media Campaigns for Gen Z.” Forbes. 12 Aug 2017. https://www.forbes.com/sites/deeppatel/2017/08/12/5-tips-for-creating-social-media-campaigns-for-gen-z/#7f6a36bf5901


Social Media: Your Gateway to Generation Z

The video business is back and bigger than ever with audiences shifting from television to social media for their content consumption. YouTube and Facebook are the two main digital platforms that are prioritizing video content. As these two digital giants race to reign, brands can capitalize on this shift in advertising dollars.


In 2014, Facebook started displaying in-feed video advertisements. Now, the digital behemoth is focusing its efforts on live streaming, pre-roll and mid-video advertisements. While Facebook used to focus on photo and written updates, the social media platform switched to video content to usurp YouTube.


Live Streaming

Almost all of the social media platforms are now incorporating live streaming into their networks. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all own unique streaming technologies. In order to promote live content, the social media algorithms are prioritizing live streams into the top of users newsfeeds. By utilizing the live feed, it is the perfect time for brands to shine in front of followers internationally.

TV Dollars Dive into Digital

According to Debra Williamson of AdAge, “RBC and Advertising Age have found that the percentage of marketers using TV ad dollars as a source of funding for digital campaigns is on the rise. In February 2016, 40% of respondents said they were doing so, up from 37% in September 2015.”


Targeted Marketing

The beauty of digital marketing is that potential customers can be keenly targeted. Tina Mahal, vice president of innovation at Frito-Lay was quoted in AdAge, “"It requires balancing the total media budget to reach consumers in the most effective way. It doesn't necessarily require an additional investment -- it just requires making smarter choices so that the brand is where the consumer is.

Are you utilizing social media for your ad campaigns? Contact our Concepts Video team today to start your social campaign.



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6 Tips to Make Your Videos Go Viral

Social media is the new way for businesses to market themselves. Viral videos have skyrocketed products such as The Woof Washer, The Willa Walker, and Pod Tents. Viral videos convert to more followers, increased web traffic, and products sold. With Facebook prioritizing video content to compete with YouTube, it’s the ultimate platform for businesses to advertise.

Concepts Video specializes in eye-catching advertisements that tell and sell in 30 seconds or less. Concepts Video has pivoted their award-winning television expertise into videos for social media. Here are 6 ways for you to create videos that go viral:

  1. Keep it Timely: We are in the age of the short attention span. Most viewers rarely see anything after the first 10 seconds of a video. Just like a successful eye-catching TV commercial, keep your videos under 60 seconds.
  2. Have an Attention Grabbing Photo / Opener: A viewer will usually see your video as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. The only thing that’s going to halt an aggressive thumb scroll is something eye-catching and clear. Utilize high-resolution photographs and a bold concise title to make people click.woof-washer-go-viral
  3. Elevator Pitch: If you can’t sum up what your video is about in just a quick sentence, then it’s too complicated for a social media video. Titles such as “Swim with Otters,” “There’s a Hotel Where You Can Sleep Above the Ocean,” and “Tool Lets You Garden Standing Up” all clearly and concisely state the purpose and theme of the video.
  4. Create a Formula: Much like direct response television, viral videos have a specific formula. Grab the viewer in the first 5-10 seconds with a shocking opener, dramatic drone shot, or amazing demo. Add graphics and simple copy to add in your storytelling and jump cuts to keep the action flowing. If you’re selling a product, a creative “wow” demonstration such as the Concepts Video Woof Washer video, will make viewers hit the prized “share” button.
  5. Add Subtitles: Since most Facebook users consume their video content at work, they tend to watch videos without sound. While videos should show and not tell, it’s always helpful to have copy and graphics to lead your storytelling process. If you’re a business page on Facebook, the platform will automatically add captions. However, if you don’t have a certified business page, video creators should add subtitles or copy in the lower third of the video.go-viral
  6. Test Something New: Social media is so new that there is no guaranteed formula for a successful viral video. Every video is a constant test. After your video has run its course, utilize the “insights” tool on Facebook to see how long viewers are watching, when they’re dropping off, and start to figure out any trends in your videos. Once in a while, throw in a wild card video to see how it does.