Behind The Scenes – Telly Award Winning Onkyo Google Commercial

“Ok Google, play my dance mix playlist in the kitchen”. Now there’s a line that will go down in Concepts TV history. Why? Because this was one of the most exciting commercials ever produced! Here’s a look behind the scenes at our Onkyo Google commercial production…

The Best Part

The best part about producing this commercial was the casting phase. Every talent at the audition had to act out her scenes. Every “mom” had to dance around the kitchen with a mixing spoon, and every “dad” had to rock out with his air guitar. What a HILARIOUS way to spend a day at work! Concepts TV is lucky enough to have an extensive list of both direct talent and talent agencies, providing perfect talent options for our commercial.

The Hardest Part

One of the hardest parts was finding the music. Popular music is all licensed and expensive, unknown music isn’t licensed but also isn’t popular. Every character in this commercial, mom, dad, son, grandma had to have a different sound track. Mom is a dancer, and needed upbeat, catchy dance music. Dad is a huge metal head, so he needed good rock ‘n roll. Their son is a part of Gen Z, so it had to be pop music for him. And of course, classical music for Grandma. Our team scoured the internet for usable music, which wasn’t easy. We ended up finding 2-3 options for each member of the family, which we then selected as a team.

The Easiest Part

The easiest part was the shoot.  Once the actors were locked in and the music was chosen, the 10 hour shoot day was full of laughs, good music, and great footage. Our vendors were exceptional. Our DP, Peter Mariuzza, climbed a 20 foot ladder to film into a second floor window!

Our Onkyo Google commercial won a Bronze Telly Award, proving teamwork, good preparation, and great vendors are the key to success.

Check out our award winning Onkyo Google commercial below!