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6 Tips to Make Your Videos Go Viral

Social media is the new way for businesses to market themselves. Viral videos have skyrocketed products such as The Woof Washer, The Willa Walker, and Pod Tents. Viral videos convert to more followers, increased web traffic, and products sold. With Facebook prioritizing video content to compete with YouTube, it’s the ultimate platform for businesses to advertise.

Concepts Video specializes in eye-catching advertisements that tell and sell in 30 seconds or less. Concepts Video has pivoted their award-winning television expertise into videos for social media. Here are 6 ways for you to create videos that go viral:

  1. Keep it Timely: We are in the age of the short attention span. Most viewers rarely see anything after the first 10 seconds of a video. Just like a successful eye-catching TV commercial, keep your videos under 60 seconds.
  2. Have an Attention Grabbing Photo / Opener: A viewer will usually see your video as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. The only thing that’s going to halt an aggressive thumb scroll is something eye-catching and clear. Utilize high-resolution photographs and a bold concise title to make people click.woof-washer-go-viral
  3. Elevator Pitch: If you can’t sum up what your video is about in just a quick sentence, then it’s too complicated for a social media video. Titles such as “Swim with Otters,” “There’s a Hotel Where You Can Sleep Above the Ocean,” and “Tool Lets You Garden Standing Up” all clearly and concisely state the purpose and theme of the video.
  4. Create a Formula: Much like direct response television, viral videos have a specific formula. Grab the viewer in the first 5-10 seconds with a shocking opener, dramatic drone shot, or amazing demo. Add graphics and simple copy to add in your storytelling and jump cuts to keep the action flowing. If you’re selling a product, a creative “wow” demonstration such as the Concepts Video Woof Washer video, will make viewers hit the prized “share” button.
  5. Add Subtitles: Since most Facebook users consume their video content at work, they tend to watch videos without sound. While videos should show and not tell, it’s always helpful to have copy and graphics to lead your storytelling process. If you’re a business page on Facebook, the platform will automatically add captions. However, if you don’t have a certified business page, video creators should add subtitles or copy in the lower third of the video.go-viral
  6. Test Something New: Social media is so new that there is no guaranteed formula for a successful viral video. Every video is a constant test. After your video has run its course, utilize the “insights” tool on Facebook to see how long viewers are watching, when they’re dropping off, and start to figure out any trends in your videos. Once in a while, throw in a wild card video to see how it does.
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