As Seen On TV Products Thriving During Downturn


New Jersey mother holds the key to DRTV blockbusters

BOONTON, NJ — As unemployment numbers hit their highest levels in decades and recessionary news dominates headlines, direct response television (DRTV) advertising of personal products and home goods is thriving. Surprisingly, the most successful spots aren't coming from slick urban studios in Los Angeles or Manhattan, but from an idyllic Victorian house in Boonton, New Jersey — the headquarters of Concepts TV Productions, a direct response and video production studio known as one of the major hit-makers of the industry.

Founded in 1983 by Collette Liantonio, a pioneer in the DRTV business, Concepts TV Productions has created some of the most memorable infomercials ever produced, including Ambervision Sunglasses, Topsy Tail, The Abdominizer, Contour Pillow, and The George Foreman Grill. Over the past 25 years, Liantonio and her team of DRTV professionals have been helping manufacturers and inventors achieve billions of dollars in sales for their home and beauty products, which range from pasta pots to hair accessories to pedicure tools, to name a few.

DRTV thrives during economic downturns primarily because of a trio of factors, says Liantonio. First, as more people are unemployed or simply staying at home to save money, television viewing numbers are increasing. Second, more people are looking for do-it-yourself solutions that help them solve everyday problems for less money, so effective household items — one of Concept TV's specialties — typically sell very well. Finally, national advertisers have cut their spending, so the cost of advertising time is plummeting, allowing Concept TV's clients to score high-impact media buys for relatively modest budgets.

Strong television advertising programs drive consumers to the retail store more effectively than any other medium, she says. In addition, Liantonio brings her own background to each project.

"As a mother and grandmother, I understand first-hand that we all need solutions to our everyday problems. I like to bring that knowledge to every shoot and really try to master how these products can help relieve life's little challenges and make things better," she explains.

That personal experience with household products has led to the production of six of the top infomercials on television today including:

Heat Surge Fireplace: Shot on location in the heart of Ohio Amish country, this 30-minute infomercial helps people save money on their heating bills.

Twin Draft Guard: Another money-saver, this innovative product prevents drafty windows and doors from adding to home heating and cooling costs.

Barack Obama Victory Plate: This commemorative porcelain plate celebrating changes has been in high demand since the election.

Wonder Hangers: As more people downsize their living space, this space-saver is a perfect solution for crowded closets.

Pro Caulk: Easy-to-use and affordable, this product helps people save the hundreds or thousands of dollars it costs to hire professionals to re-caulk tiles and other areas in the home.

EZ Combs: Following in the legendary footsteps the Topsy Tail and Hairagami, EZ Combs hair­styling tool creates beautiful hairstyles without the cost of a salon.

Beneath the warm, accessible style of the studio lies a team of skilled professionals, and Concepts TV's success has been widely recognized in the industry boasting literally hundreds of awards recognizing excellence in production. Concepts TV also has multilingual capabilities and expertise reaching the Hispanic market. With market conditions ripe for DRTV, Liantonio and her team are more optimistic than ever about the medium's prospects.

"You don't need a big agency to produce successful DRTV spots. You need a studio that understands the medium and the products and is excited about both. Our team has been working together for years. We've mastered the formula and nothing makes us happier than to hit another home run for our clients," she says.

For more information about the services provided by Concepts TV Productions, visit or call 973-331-1500.