Bridging the ‚ÄòCoastal Gap’ at Network LA by Collette Liantonio

Bridging the ‚ÄòCoastal Gap’ at Network LA

Collette Liantonio


I’m really looking forward to ERA’s Network LA on January 9. It’s an important event for those in our industry to attend, especially if they want to take advantage of the networking opportunities. In my case, it’s a way of bridging the ‚“coastal gap” by meeting new vendors and marketers while maintaining current relationships. What’s more, I never miss an opportunity to meet with Concepts’ friends and family‚Äîwhether they are old friends or friends I have yet to meet.

At Concepts, we’re known as prolific producers of short forms, but we also do about a half-dozen long forms per year.¬†And because we do produce long forms and the majority of long forms are out in the West Coast, it makes sense to attend and participate in the event.

In fact, the company has had a West Coast office for several years and was, up until recently, spearheaded by my son, Jon Calderaro. Now he has passed the baton to my daughter, Collette Stohler. So with a full-time producer located in Manhattan Beach, Calif., it’s a natural progression for Concepts to create and maintain a sustainable West Coast presence. And for me, attending Network LA means coming home to my family and friends.

Collette Liantonio is owner, president, and creative director of Concepts TV Productions headquartered in Boonton, N.J.