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Bring Your Kid to Work Day

I’ve heard that young blood rejuvenates a company, but the poor kid is only six years old!¬† We might be breaking some child labor laws at this point, Eek! ¬†Nevertheless, if you have a good head on your shoulders, we put you to work at Concepts and that’s exactly what my son did during Bring Your Kid To Work Day.¬† He worked!...

After a quick tour of the facilities, we settled Robert down in front of a computer to write a script.  Tap, tap, tap – his fingers were dancing on that keyboard and here was the end result:

‚“Ones opon a time a boy named rob playing with his ball by acstint he kict it in to posin iv he went to go get it but his mom sede stop tats posen iv I will get it she got it will you play with me? Yes I will and thay lived happily ever after .”


Once our think tank agreed on his Creative, we whisked him away to the edit suite…


There, our mighty editor, Steve, set Robert up for his very first voiceover session to record his brand new script…


With his first work assignment complete, I showed Robert what to do when Cheron walks down the hallway handing out more assignments.¬† (Here’s a hint - we hide!)‚Ķ


But as we all know the most important part of the work day is figuring out what to do for lunch.¬† Robert’s suggestion?¬† Hot dogs!¬† (We did NOT have hot dogs.)

With really full bellies, it was time to make his employment official with an honorary Concepts interview.¬† Without further ado, It’s Neat to Meet‚Ķ Robert!¬†

ML: Handsome Pants, what’s your favorite color?

RL: Red.

ML: Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle?

RL: Leonardo, because he’s the leader.

ML: What’s your favorite song?

RL: Uptown Funk.

ML: What do you want to be when you grow up?

RL: A police officer, but I’m not going to work for another 12 years, because that’s when I’m a grownup.

ML: What did you learn today at Mommy's job?

RL: I learned to type capital letters.

ML: Who has a better job – Mommy or Daddy?

RL: The same.  You both type.

ML: Who’s your favorite person at Concepts?

RL: Mommy!

ML: Woot, woot!

To catch a real life glimpse of Robert in action, please check out his voiceover session on our Facebook page...



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