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State of the Art Production Studio in Northern New Jersey

Concepts TV Productions Invites You to A Grand Tour of our State of the Art Studiobuildingggg

Concepts TV Productions has opened a new, state of the art studio located near the crossroads of Routes 80, 46 and 287 in Towaco, NJ only 45 minutes from NYC. Our studio is fully equipped with 11,000 square feet of studio space with over 50 parking spots. Our studio space includes a 14 foot white cyc, a large green screen stage, and multiple flats for creating personalized sets.

Concepts TV Studios also provides an expansive cutting edge working kitchen set plus prep kitchen, ample office space, and shower facilities.

Additional resources include video and audio post production facilities, full service set design, and acreage for outdoor shooting.

Fish Eye CTV studio

Studio Specifications

  • 11,000 Sq. Feet of Sound Proof Shooting Space
  • Broadcast Quality TV Production Services
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • White Cyclorama (14' x 21' x 9.5')
  • Green Screen Stage
  • Kitchen Set / Living Room Set / Bedroom Set
  • Video/Audio Post-Production Facility
  • Full Service Set Design and Construction/ Flats
  • Conference Room
  • Loading Dock
  • Working Kitchen (28’ x 22’) - including state of the art appliances, mobile island with counter tops and all kitchen props
  • Green Room, Makeup/Wardrobe Services, 4 Baths, Shower
  • Elevator
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Ample A/C
  • Two sided studio equipped with three 120 v 20amp dedicated circuits
  • Production Offices
  • Acreage for Outdoor Shooting
  • Storyboard / Art Studio / Logo Design / Photography/ Package Design Services
  • Animation/ Special Effects

    Studio Uses
    Photography / Point of Purchase Production / Webcasts / Testimonials Development / Commercials / Training Videos / Auditions / Social Media Production / Sizzle Reels / Sales Promotion

Wood Wall Sabrina ONKYO-Google_0005

IMG_9058 Kitchen2

Office Bedroom WS

White Cyc Office 4

Living Room Onkyo in front of David Vanity setup

To Schedule a Visit, E-mail Our Team Today!

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Give us some ‘Props!’


For every project, the production team sits down for an initial project kick-off meeting.  Among a variety of other topics related to the project, we talk extensively about props.  Props as in give each other compliments? No... I mean we talk about what items we will need to have in both the foreground and background to make our product shine.

The ultimate goal of these meetings is to choose props that enhance the scene.¬†While the product featured in the commercial is the ‚Äòstar’, props can be looked at as the ‚Äòsupporting cast’.¬† As a team, every prop is chosen carefully so that it never distracts or pulls focus from our 'star' of the show, the product.

As the project continues, the script is written, and this is where the props team kicks into high gear.¬† Every scene is dissected by what is written for the visual as well as the audio. Here is an example of a visual:¬† ‚“NEGATIVE: Woman in kitchen creating a mess making soup”.

To the untrained eye, that vague description means very little. For my Producer eyes, it is a treasure-trove of information... It means we need to scour our prop warehouse to organize cutting boards, pots, pans, knives, ladles, hand towels, and kitchen trinkets for the background.  I start making a list of items we need to shop for. For this example, visions of carrots, celery, onions and other soup materials start to dance in my head.  And I don't mean just one celery stalk... We need to prepare for 10 plus takes to get the shot just right which adds up to a lot of veggies at the market!  This list of items is just for one scene out of 20 plus within any given commercial, so you can imagine how quickly the list of props grows for one spot!

After days prepping, shopping,¬†and packing we get to the shoot day. This is where I put my proactive producer hat on and the team kicks into overdrive. Every prop and background trinket gets organized on long tables by scene order. These massive tables of ‚“stuff” may look like a disaster area.¬† To me, it is chaos organized and re-assurance that we have done our part to ensure each scene change goes smoothly and our shoot remains on schedule.

As the shoot day moves on and scenes are completed, the prop tables slowly empty out.  Trinkets that appear in the background for a mere 1-2 seconds, are sorted, gingerly wrapped up and packed away into awaiting production cars.  The prop warehouse is re-stocked, purchased items are returned and the cycle repeats itself with the next project kick off call…

So the next time you watch a DRTV commercial, take some time to give us ‚Äòprops’ for a job well done!



Prop table from a recent shoot, Note this is just for 3 scenes!

props 2

A small sample of our prop warehouse



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The Magic of Post Production

BY: Steve Miller

As the Visual Effects Director at Concepts TV, the best compliment I can get is when you don’t notice my work. Blemish removal, object removal, color swapping, chroma keying, and on rare occasions adding a completely new product into an already existing scene in post production.

Case in point: If your talent comes in for a shoot riddled with sunburn, and with no chance of rescheduling. What do you do? You need an expert compositor to isolate the skin tone, and manipulate the hue and color. The work I do can save thousands of dollars, and eliminate headaches.


When it comes to commercial content, we approach everything with a ‚“mute” button in mind. For example, if a consumer isn’t hearing what a product can offer. The visuals need to tell a complete story. By isolating the small of someones back, and adding a glow effect. You’re reinforcing the pain in that area. Add your talents movements to the mix, and you’re in need of motion tracking and rotoscoping to really sell the idea that they are in pain.

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Funny Feminist, Collette Liantonio, “is not dead yet”! In fact, she says the best is yet to come! Check out her Lifetime Achievement Speech from the 2014 Moxie Awards!

The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) honored Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV Productions, with the esteemed 2014 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award. She was recognized during a special presentation at the Moxie Awards Gala on Thursday, September 18, 2014. Listen here for Collette’s acceptance speech.


Chicago3Media Interviews with Collette Liantonio

Collette Liantonio is interviewed by Chicago3Media. To Listen to the taped recording click here.

For over 30 years, Collette Liantonio and Concepts TV Productions have produced some of the best known infomercials for ‚“As Seen on TV” products.

From Pajama Jeans to Mr. Lid --- AmberVision Glasses to PedEgg and the George Forman Grill, Collette continues to produce short-form (2 minute) direct response spots. The Concepts TV spot for Finishing Touch is the longest running spot on television.

Concepts TV Productions is an award-winning full-service commercial/infomercial production company offering a complete range of video services. The talented team at Concepts TV specializes in many industries, including food, exercise, pets and pharmaceuticals.

Concepts TV has produced thousands of short-form commercials and has helped its clients achieve sales in the billions. The company was founded in 1983 by Collette Liantonio with the mission to innovatively market and sell products directly to the consumer through a direct response television (DRTV) model. Concepts TV prides itself on amazing demonstrations that become magic moments crucial in convincing consumers to purchase.

Of the hundreds of infomercials produced by Concepts TV, many have become DRTV ‚“legends.” Some of the company’s most famous spots include ads for Finishing Touch Elite, the Bedazzler, AmberVision Sunglasses, PedEgg, Hip Hop Abs, and Furniture Fix.

The entire Concepts TV staff of writers, producers, editors and animators focuses their utmost attention to each stage of production: a series of pre-production meetings will help formulate a winning marketing approach for a product. With the creative direction determined, the production team executes these strategies in order to provide a successful shoot. Then, the award-winning post-production crew will complete the compelling story.

Concepts TV has also worked with its clients to help them navigate the $630 billion Hispanic market with direct response commercials produced specifically for this target audience. In 1989, Concepts TV produced the V-Slicer, one of the very first infomercials for this market. Since that time, they have produced successful campaigns for products like Hydroxycut, Finishing Touch, Conair, Time Magazine, Jack LaLanne and Herbagesic for the segment.

Concepts TV can also can help with celebrity tie-ins. Whether a company needs a celebrity to endorse a product, a spokesperson for a trade show, or an expert demonstrator for an infomercial, Concepts TV is the agency with the best connections to exceptional television talent. The company will conduct auditions and talent searches to find the right talent for your television production or website. They have worked with a long list of celebrities including Montel Williams, Joe Namath, George Foreman, Fabio and Wayne Gretsky, among many others.

Concepts TV has won countless ERA Moxie Awards (recognizing the best DRTV campaigns of the year), Aurora Awards (international television advertisements), and Telly Awards (honoring the best television commercials and programs), among others.

Headquartered in Boonton, NJ, Concepts TV Productions also offers a complete range of infomercial web design and website development services. The company takes this task seriously because a traditional DRTV website can be up to three times more effective than a traditional corporate site. Concepts TV designs websites in conjunction with a direct response ad to present a clean, consistent look. Infomercial web designers work closely with the production team to develop a successful online solution that maximizes client sales.



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Collette Liantonio on “The Secrets of Success” Women Entrepreneurs Radio Show

Listen to Collette being interviewed by Deborah Bailey on "The Secrets of Success" Radio show on Blog Talk Radio.
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Collette Is Guest on LA Talk Radio”s “The C Spot with Wendi Cooper”

Collette & Wendi talk about their experiences in the DRTV industry - from beauty products to Amish space heaters. These gals grew up in the DRTV industry.¬† They’ve learned a thing or two and now they’re going to dish about their secret ¬†formulas. You’ll have to listen for the sensational scoop on DRTV‚Ķ. Read more


Infomercial History Review on WSOU 89.5 Radio Show with Concepts TV President

Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV, was featured on WSOU 89.5 Leadership Radio Show with Darrell Gunter on May 5th 2012. Collette talks with Darrell about how she got started and advice to how Concepts TV Productions became a successful business. Read more


Concepts TV President Featured on The Joan Hamburg Show

Concepts TV President Collette Liantonio was recently featured on The Joan Hamburg Show on WOR NewsTalk Radio 710.  Interviewed by Joan and her daughter, Liz Hamburg, Collette discusses successful DRTV strategies and how Concepts TV can turn an unknown product into a household name. Read more

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Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV Productions interviewed by Frank Truatt on the WTBQ Morning Show

Click the screen below to listen to Collette's interview on the WTBQ Morning Show with Frank Truatt.

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Interview and Podcast with Collette Liantonio on Startup Nation

Jeff and Rich Sloan are talking infomercials and new products again and they spoke to Collette about the industry and had callers pitch their ideas.  To listen to the podcast and check out Collette's interview, head over to Startup Nation by clicking here.


Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV Productions, Appears on Startup Nation Radio

StartupNation Radio interviewed Collette about her extensive history in the DRTV industry and how infomercials can be a tool used for small business ideas.  Collette takes calls from entrepreneurs wondering if their idea has what it takes to be a successful product.  To hear the segment, click here.

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Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV Interviewed on the WKNY Morning Show

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