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Best Products of 2018

December is always a time for reflection, and Concepts TV is no exception. We’re looking back at the top products of 2018, and WOW, what a year!


  1. Egglettes

If you haven’t gotten your Egglettes yet, you may be the only person without one! Egglettes is absolutely the best product of 2018, and one of our all-time favorites. Need a healthy breakfast? Grab Egglettes. Need a quick lunch? Egglettes!


It’s super easy to use, just crack an egg in the silicone cup, cover and boil. In minutes, you have a delicious, nutritious meal. You can even add veggies to make custom omelets. It’s the easiest way to please every member of the family!


Click here to check out our Egglettes commercial.


  1. Blue Diamond 

Copper is great, but a pan covered in diamonds?  Now that’s smart. Blue Diamond is the best in non-stick cookware. It has a 5x harder coating and it’s 10x longer lasting than traditional cookware. Plus it has 4x better heat transfer; that means more even cooking.


What’s one of the best parts of the Blue Diamond Pan you may ask? It’s pretty! It looks great on the stove, and shines even brighter in the oven.


Click here to check out the Blue Diamond Fry Pan.


  1. Eagle Eyes 

Don’t you wish there were a pair of glasses you could wear to protect your eyes from the blinding sun light AND block your eyes from nighttime lights? Well look no further!  The Eagle Eyes Speed of Life glasses have night time lenses and a pop on sun lens.


The Eagle Eyes Speed of Life glasses are incredibly strong, you can even run a car over them without a scratch (I swear, look at our commercial for proof!). It’s pretty clear that they are the best in eyewear.


Click here to see how incredible Eagle Eyes are.



  1. Plink 

Plink your sink and get rid of the stink! If that’s not the catchiest catch phrase, I don’t know what is. Plink is little tablets that quickly and easily clean out your garbage disposal and leave a fresh scent behind. All you have to do is drop the tablet into the sink, turn on the garbage disposal, and seconds later your sink smells like a tropical paradise.


Plink even has tablets for your washing machine, dishwasher, and shower drain. You can basically clean the entire house with Plink!


Click here to see how to Plink your sink. Or click here to see some stinky faces.


  1. Walkee Paws 

Have you ever taken the dog for a walk in the rain? Does he ALWAYS come back with dirty paws that end up tracking mud through the house? Well this year we’ve found you a solution… it’s Walkee Paws, the only dog leggings on the market!


These incredible little leggings are comfortable while protecting your puppy from the weather. This product is so intriguing, even People Magazine wrote an article on it!


Click here to see some cute doggy leggings.


That’s a wrap on our best products of 2018. We are so grateful we got to produce all of these great digital campaigns and full commercials, and we’re looking forward to more incredible products in 2019!


Happy New Year!

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Top 5 Must Have Products for the Best Summer Ever

The sun is shining, it’s officially summer time! I’m ready for it, are you? If not, don’t worry! Here’s the top 5 must have products for the best summer ever!


  1. Eagle Eyes Speed of Life 2 in 1 Sunglasses

Don’t you hate when you’re at the beach, playing volleyball in the summer sun and you look up to spike the ball but you’re blinded by the sun rays and miss the ball? Eagle Eyes 2in1 sunglasses are here to save the day. With the use of NASA technology, they created a blue light blocking lens that blocks out 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation. You’ll be a volleyball champ all summer with these stylish, effective sunglasses.

  1. Egglettes

Let’s face it; everyone wants to have that flat, lean stomach during bathing suit season. One easy way to get that is with Egglettes, the new silicone sensation that lets you cook hard-boiled eggs without the shell. Eggs are a great source of protein, and with Egglettes, all you have to do is crack the egg, twist on the top, and in the pot they go! You can also add your favorite veggies and make delicious bite sized omelets! Bathing suit season, here we come!

  1. Kegenix

Sometimes, eating healthy just isn’t enough, so that’s when Kegenix comes in! Burn fat for fuel with Kegenix patented formula. Kegenix is a keto dietary supplement that burns fat, curbs hunger, and ultimately gives you more energy throughout the day! During the summer, it’s hard to keep up with diets while on vacation. With Kegenix, you can just pack it in your suitcase to curb those vacation cravings.

  1. Flawless Dermaplane

Tired of that annoying peach fuzz on your face? Flawless Dermaplane is here to help boost your confidence this summer. Get rid of that unwanted hair with this facial exfoliator and hair remover. Flawless Dermaplane eliminates peach fuzz and ultimately makes skin look smoother and more radiant. Even makeup goes on more smoothly! Plus you’ll have better absorption of skin creams, like sunscreen! Feel younger and more confident this summer with Flawless Dermaplane.

  1. Star Shower Slide Show

One of my favorite things about summer is the family BBQ’s, especially on the big holidays like the Fourth of July and Labor Day. Use Star Shower Slide Show to easily decorate your house and make your summer party the envy of the neighborhood. It’s even water resistant so it can be used year around! How incredible, a product you can use in the 100 degree weather AND in the deep snow!

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State of the Art Production Studio in Northern New Jersey

Concepts TV Productions Invites You to A Grand Tour of our State of the Art Studiobuildingggg

Concepts TV Productions has opened a new, state of the art studio located near the crossroads of Routes 80, 46 and 287 in Towaco, NJ only 45 minutes from NYC. Our studio is fully equipped with 11,000 square feet of studio space with over 50 parking spots. Our studio space includes a 14 foot white cyc, a large green screen stage, and multiple flats for creating personalized sets.

Concepts TV Studios also provides an expansive cutting edge working kitchen set plus prep kitchen, ample office space, and shower facilities.

Additional resources include video and audio post production facilities, full service set design, and acreage for outdoor shooting.

Fish Eye CTV studio

Studio Specifications

  • 11,000 Sq. Feet of Sound Proof Shooting Space
  • Broadcast Quality TV Production Services
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • White Cyclorama (14' x 21' x 9.5')
  • Green Screen Stage
  • Kitchen Set / Living Room Set / Bedroom Set
  • Video/Audio Post-Production Facility
  • Full Service Set Design and Construction/ Flats
  • Conference Room
  • Loading Dock
  • Working Kitchen (28’ x 22’) - including state of the art appliances, mobile island with counter tops and all kitchen props
  • Green Room, Makeup/Wardrobe Services, 4 Baths, Shower
  • Elevator
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Ample A/C
  • Two sided studio equipped with three 120 v 20amp dedicated circuits
  • Production Offices
  • Acreage for Outdoor Shooting
  • Storyboard / Art Studio / Logo Design / Photography/ Package Design Services
  • Animation/ Special Effects

    Studio Uses
    Photography / Point of Purchase Production / Webcasts / Testimonials Development / Commercials / Training Videos / Auditions / Social Media Production / Sizzle Reels / Sales Promotion

Wood Wall Sabrina ONKYO-Google_0005

IMG_9058 Kitchen2

Office Bedroom WS

White Cyc Office 4

Living Room Onkyo in front of David Vanity setup

To Schedule a Visit, E-mail Our Team Today!

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Concepts TV Productions Promotes Sky Hanstein to Director of Production

FAIRFIELD, NJ (August 2nd, 2016) Concepts TV Productions, the NJ based Direct Response commercial Production Company has announced Sky Hanstein’s promotion to Director of Production. Hanstein will be responsible for spearheading the team’s production processes from inception to completion, in addition to introducing Satellite Media Tours to Concepts TV and its new medical division Concepts TV Productions.

Prior to joining Concepts, Hanstein had over 10+ years of experience in Broadcast PR and production management. Hanstein worked at Sony Pictures Television, served as Media Director at Synaptic Digital, and as VP at Vidicom in New York City.

‚“Sky’s new position brings excitement to the team and our clients as he introduces Satellite Media Tours to both Concepts TV and Concepts TV,” said Collette Liantonio, President and Creative Director of Concepts TV Productions. ‚“We are expanding to service the pharmaceutical sector. His knowledge of the production realm and media tours will strengthen the team's capabilities in both DRTV and the medical field.”

‚“As Director of Production, I am eager to oversee and deliver impactful messages to consumers and healthcare professionals through a variety of multi-media channels including broadcast via Satellite Media Tours,” said Hanstein. ‚“With cutting edge technology and Concepts’ new state of the art facility opening in winter of 2016, Concepts TV will deliver video content to medical industries in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Concepts TV Productions, currently based in Fairfield, N.J., is one of the world’s most experienced producers of DRTV commercials and infomercials. Concepts TV Productions has worked with Novartis, Whitehall Labs, Bard Parker, Prestige Brands and medical agencies such as Harrison and Star.



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Long Form Infomercial vs. Short Form Commercial


By: Dana Conklin

Which is right for your product? Here’s 2 questions to ask yourself before starting production:

Does your product need an explanation or does the demo speak for itself?

Shooting and airing a 2 minute commercial may be more affordable than a half hour infomercial, but will it be effective? Is that enough time to get your message across? If the demo demonstration or a candid testimonial can instantly explain what the product does a short form may be right for you.

Tip: Animation is a very effective tool to quickly demonstrate the inner’ workings of a product. Here are some examples of some winning short form commercials:

If the product needs more explanation, scientific research or a clinical test group, a long form infomercial allows you the necessary time to grab and hook the consumer. Here are some examples of some winning long form commercials:

What is your price point?

If you can part with your product for $19.99 short form is right for you! If your product is a high ticket item, you might need the extra selling time to convince the consumer. For example: If you are selling workout equipment, fill the screen with heartfelt testimonials and before & after photos so they can visualize themselves losing the weight. Compare your machine to others and why yours will make them lose more weight in less time. With a high ticket item, the more reinforcement the easier the sell.


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Balancing Work and Travel Life

By Jon Calderaro

In the business of production we are constantly multi tasking and juggling many projects at one time. Sometimes these projects bring us to different parts of the globe and force us to leave our home base in order to make the projects all they can be.

Working in New Jersey is great as we have access to amazing crews and talent. What we don’t always have access to is great weather, for example. Therefore we are sometimes forced to think outside the box on what location can help us achieve our visual goal. Traveling for work can be great but it is also time consuming and sometimes affects our personal lives. Its important to have a good balance and look ahead at projects to make sure we can keep up with regular work and life and still complete our projects with flying colors and with as little stress as possible.

Since rejoining the Concepts team in January I have already racked up a ton of airline miles traveling to shoots and networking events from California all the way to our latest project in India! It’s just business as usual here at Concepts. Being a seasoned traveler myself I am at ease on the road and embrace each new experience in its own way. It’s always nice though to return home and put things in perspective until the next trip. These days there hasn’t been a whole lot of time at home to reflect but Im trying although finding that balance has been a challenge.

Here are 5 things that can help achieve that balance:

1. Healthy diet An important key to maintaining balance is maintaining a healthy diet on the road. The road sometimes can be a place where anything goes diet wise but it is important to try to stick with good foods rich in nutrition and drink lots of water.

2. Exercise Before going anywhere seek out if your hotel has a gym or a jogging route that can be followed. Then allow yourself time to get there before meetings or in the evening before client dinners.

3. Calendars Keeping a calendar can help you remember important things such as birthdays and events of family and friends. Its easy to overlook these things when you are in a different city or country each week.

4. Vitamins Remembering to take vitamins daily is another good routine that will not only help you maintain your health on the road but it can also remind you how many days you have left at your current location. I like to bring just the right amount of vitamins with me where ever I go. As the vitamins dwindle down I know my trip will soon be coming to an end.

5. Sleep Getting at least 7-8 hours a sleep a night is one of the most important things you can do for your body to achieve balance. Our bodies and minds need rest and when we are traveling we need to still allow ourselves time for proper rest even if it some of the sleep happens to be on airplanes! Bring your favorite travel pillow and a sleep mask along with headphones and some music or podcasts. I find I can block out the elements on an airplane with these items.

These are just a few things that can help achieve balance for the traveling employee we must constantly remind ourselves of them!

REMINDER: Flight 1765 now ready for boarding ..Uh oh that’s my cue gotta go!

Roamaroo travel and photography blog

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Animals, animals and more animals!

By Rachel Leskanic

I will say that in my short time here at Concepts TV, if you consider 8 months being a short time, I have witnessed my fair share of animal productions. I used to watch these commercials and think, how the heck do they get these cats and dogs to do exactly what they need them to do? Now I know the secret the secret is patience, diligence, and LOTS of treats.

Every shoot is different but adding animals to the mix makes it a whole new ball game. It is no longer about getting the actor to smile or cry and telling them what to press and when. Now, it’s all about being completely silent so that we don’t scare the animals and stocking up on spray catnip. Does this make our jobs harder? Absolutely. Does this make our jobs more fun? Without a doubt! There’s nothing like hours of work spent cuddling with cats and playing with dogs (I promise we do work in between the cuddles!).

For cat shoots, we have our very own in house cat whisperer (VP of Sales Kristy Pinand) who always comes prepared, and by that I mean she has lasers in her back pocket and a cat toy in her hand at all times. One of the biggest differences between regular shoots and cat shoots is that we bring a select few people to our cat shoots. We could never keep the cats calm and collected with three crewmen, four actors, and five Concepts TV members stomping around! Another perk of cat shoots is we get to travel from location to location, which can even include a cat shelter or two. Shelters are the best, because we can get the most cats in the quickest way possible. Plus, we get to donate to the shelter and help a great cause!

For dog shoots, it’s all me, the self-proclaimed dog whisperer, organizing the massive amount of dog treats and squeaky toys. These shoots can be both easier and more challenging. Most dogs we use are pretty well trained, they know their commands and listen to their owners. However, these dogs are also bigger and generally much more energetic! Give a cat some catnip and they’ll roll around playfully. Give a dog some treats, and they’ll run around like a maniac.

No matter how tough they may be, you will never hear me turn down a chance to be at a cat and/or dog shoot. With lasers, dog treats and cat nips in our pockets, it’s time for another animal shoot!

me and puppy



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Creature Comfort Blog

By: Rachel Leskanic

Nothing fills me with more hope and happiness than sipping champagne and petting therapy dogs, and that’s just what I got to do at Creature Comfort’s 4th Annual Champagne Brunch. Accompanied by my father, we walked forward through the front door to greet Molly and Gracie, pet therapy dogs who were hired’ to lick the faces of every guest. Our next stop was to purchase raffle tickets from the volunteers at the table. Up for grabs were tickets to a few purses, Giants game, a bicycle, and various spa gift cards. After getting rid of every little green Admit One ticket, we proceeded to our seats.

As we sat down, our Table 5 partner introduced herself as Jean Baile and all three of us immediately broke into conversation. She shared miraculous stories about her tiny Jack Russel Terrier who had been a therapy dog for a few years now. She traveled with him to schools, hospitals and even nursing homes. The best part of her stories was hearing not only the joy from the clients, but the joy brought to her and her puppy.

Our next conversation was with the lady on the opposite side of us. Her miniature Dachshund, Lilly, had been in one of our commercials and the story she told us was truly a miracle. Jan Kulick had heard of a young girl who was suffering from a constant seizure lasting 36 hours. When Jan and Lilly arrived at the hospital, the young girl’s mother thought to bring Lilly to meet her daughter. In an instant, the seizures subsided; just by a simple pet of Lilly’s head. She then explained to us that miracles like these are only possibly with the help of Creature Comfort who provide the therapy dogs and their owners with so many choices on where to visit and how to get involved.

After the side conversations faded, the owners, Annie Murphy and Joan Beth Baer, began talking about how they got started with the company. They began working for St Hubert’s Hospital with therapy animals. After witnessing just how many people were impacted in a single hospital, they got together with the idea of beginning their own business where they could provide pet therapy for people at many different places ranging from children’s hospitals to elder care facilities. In November 2011, that idea became reality and the non-profit organization spent the next few years providing people who were in need of comfort or therapy with a dependable, expansive network of caring volunteers devoted to sharing their pet’s love. Today, they have a total of more than 160 pet therapy teams which even include several unusual animals. So if you don’t want a dog, see if their certified cat, rabbit, potbelly pig, or even miniature horse is available!

After hearing the history of the company and how it came to be, they invited a hospital worker and another therapy dog owner on to the stage. Both of their stories were what anyone would consider, absolute miracles. A completely unresponsive woman in hospice care, woken up by the simple pet of a dog’s head. A young cancer patient whose day was made by a kiss from a puppy. By the end, everyone in the crowd had watery eyes and tears streaked faces that could only be the product of the inspiring tales told. After a fifteen minute applause, they began calling out the raffle ticket winners. And guess who won the green Vera Bradley purse? Me!


If you are interested in the organization or want to see more, please visit their website http://www.ccpettherapy.org/.

P.S. I’ve already signed my puppy up to be a therapy dog, and you should too!

\dog therapy

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Mapping Out Your Vision -How Storyboards Help Your Production.


By Jon Gregory


When it comes to production, it's crucial to have organization and a clear vision of what you're about

to capture through the lens of the camera. That's where storyboards come into play.


A storyboard is a graphic representation or map of your video production.

It's made up of a number of panels with illustrations representing each shot,

with notes showing what's happening in the scene and what's being said. When looking at the shot sheet you can

then determine what is a wide shot, close up, where product placement should be, etc.

It's basically a comic book version of your script.


Creating storyboards could add a couple of days to pre production, but the added clarity and time it saves

when the shoot day arrives is invaluable. It not only helps the producer, director and DP, it also give the onscreen talent a sense

of their place in the production. Storyboards don’t have to be highly detailed, just a rough sketch can get your vision across.

and post production. We are a creative boutique so it is our job to convey visuals to clients so we are on the same page

from start to finish.


They also come in handy during the edit process in post production. It's a clear guide for the editor to follow so they can

cut an accurate segment that's close to the vision of the producer.


We recently created storyboards for a beauty product that contained full color hand drawn illustrations.

Each scene from the script was represented including product shots, onscreen testimonials along with

camera angles for models doing demos. Each panel had script audio and detailed visuals

for the editor to follow. This made the entire process much easier for the production team and faster

getting the client their commercial to review.

Jon Storyboards

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Bring Your Kid to Work Day

I’ve heard that young blood rejuvenates a company, but the poor kid is only six years old! We might be breaking some child labor laws at this point, Eek! Nevertheless, if you have a good head on your shoulders, we put you to work at Concepts and that’s exactly what my son did during Bring Your Kid To Work Day. He worked!...

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It’s Neat to Meet Myself?!

What’s weirder than interviewing your officemate? Try interviewing yourself! That’s right. Next on the list, c’est moi. I’ve never interviewed myself before. I wonder what I’ll wear. Hmmm

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Concepts’ “Class Trip” to QVC

Class trip! YES! I used to love these days back in high school. For some reason, the sun was always shining for a class trip. With excitement in the air (No school! We’re going somewhere new! We’re getting outta here!), everyone loaded into the caravan and hit the road!

With snacks in tow, good tunes on the radio, and lots of fun conversation, yesterday’s office adventure was reminiscent of a class trip. And the destination for Concepts’ Class of 2015 was none other than QVC

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Concepts’ Pranksters

At Concepts, we work hard and play hard. And sometimes we prank even harder. So in honor of April Fool’s Day, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Concepts’ pranks. Click here to see what made the top five

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It’s March Madness for Concepts

The term ‚“March Madness” takes on a whole new meaning at Concepts TV. No, we haven’t joined a basketball team or a gambling ring. (But if you have any insider tips, please let me know ) For us, it’s more of a production term. Alas, the creative ideas and the exciting new projects are bouncing in from all over the place and here’s why

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Everyone’s Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!

As the saying goes, everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. So grab a hold of a leprechaun, follow a rainbow to a pot of gold (and hopefully, a pint or two!), and celebrate your St. Paddy’s pride Concepts-style

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Concepts Attends 2015 International Home + Housewares Show

Put on your walking shoes and try to keep up if you can! This week, Concepts TV was in attendance at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show to explore new business opportunities and strengthen existing relationships. Wow, what a time they had...

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Congratulations BeActive! You’re the #1 Spot in America!

Get ready, America. There’s a new spot on top. Enter BeActive, the adjustable sleeve that naturally helps alleviate lower back pain. This short form infomercial is climbing the charts with no signs of stopping! DirayTV (the largest media buying agency in DRTV) just awarded Top Dog Direct (the direct marketer of BeActive) with the award for the #1 Media Roll-Out for Short Form Infomercials in 2014. Translation? It’s the #1 spot in America!...

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Gemmell Update

It’s been almost three months since a plane crashed into Ken Gemmell’s home in Gaithersburg, MD, killing his wife, Marie; their toddler, Cole; and their newborn, Devin. The nation mourned with Ken and his surviving daughter, Arabelle, through this tragic and devastating lost. Within days, an online fundraiser raised nearly $500K while donations of clothes, necessities, and toys poured in. Our hearts broke for this family and because of that communal heartbreak, a local NBC affiliate caught up with Ken and Arabelle earlier this week to see how this beloved family was coping in the aftermath

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Concepts Participates in 5th Annual Team Zoey Spin for Life

We all remember the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Benjamin Button (a character played by Brad Pitt) ages backwards. Allegedly, his condition was inspired by Progeria, a fatal disease that forces children to prematurely age at rapid speeds. Although both conditions deal with a rapid aging process, the similarities end there. Whereas Benjamin Button ages backwards from an old man to an infant over the course of 70 years, the average lifespan of a child with Progeria, like Zoey Aster Penny, is only 13...

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It’s Neat to Meet Frank

Oh no! The moment I’ve been dreading interviewing the officemate. Duhn-duhn-duhn. It’s so weird interviewing my buddy. I mean, I know this guy! When he writes in a group birthday card, ‚“Mary Ann, my wonderful roommate, have a great birthday. See you back at our office Frank”, what else is there to say?? Here’s what

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Concepts Attends The Great Ideas Summit 2015

Concepts TV attended The Great Ideas Summit 2015 this week in Miami Beach, FL from Monday, January 26th through Wednesday, January 28th. This annual trade show brings together the most influential leaders in the Direct Response industry for the purpose of holding high-powered meetings, closing global deals and developing new digital marketing strategies...

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Concepts’ Poker Night

As much as we hate to admit it, it’s still very much a man’s world and female executives often feel as though the deck is stacked against them. Collette Liantonio, a successful female entrepreneur, not only understands the corporate woman’s strife, she champions the efforts made to level the playing field, such as women empowerment programs...

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The Year of ‚“Know”, The Places We’ll Go

Collette Liantonio and I once conversed about the similarities of an infomercial to a Dr. Seuss book. For starters, they both educate through entertainment. They both rely on magical (and exaggerated) imagery to illustrate a point. And, of course, they both have rhyme time. They rhyme, they rhyme, oh, yes they do. We are rhyme maker-uppers just for you!

A delightful and fascinating conversation, I had filed it away until we had our 2015 kickoff meeting... Read more

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Out With the Old, In With The New Year’s Resolutions

A big shout out to the year 2014 you were very good to us; a year worth cherishing. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So we must bid you adieu as we try to welcome 2015 with open arms.

Now, 2015, being on the heels of a great year means you have big shoes to fill. But we don’t want to scare you off, so we thought we’d make the transition easier and give you a list of our expectations

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Concepts Celebrates Christmas with Chuckles, Cheer and Charming Cuisine

Every year Concepts TV hosts a holiday party and every year the theme changes. This year was all about cheer. We laughed, we ate, we had to celebrate! With much to be thankful, 2014 represented health and happiness... Read more

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Please Help Us Support the Gemmell Family

I went to high school with a gentleman named Ken Gemmell. He was a nice guy. The type of guy you would expect to grow up and settle down with a great job and a loving family. When we became Facebook friends a few years back, I was delighted to see that he surpassed expectations. Studying Electrical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, he landed an awesome job with a tech company and started a beautiful family with his lovely wife, Marie. They were raising three children (Arabelle, Cole and Devin) in an adorable suburban home in Gaithersburg, Maryland and seemed to have it all...

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It’s Neat to Meet Collette S!

We received such a positive response to our ‚“It’s Neat To Meet Steve!” post, we decided to turn it into an entire series. The world now has a chance to meet every member of the Concepts crew. (Let me apologize in advance. These people really shouldn’t be unleashed on the general public.)

To be fair, I decided to work backwards interviewing from last hired to first hired. Next on my ‚“hit list” is Collette Stohler, our fabulous new West Coast Regional Director and Director of Product Development.

Due to living on separate coasts, we were unable to interview face-to-face, so we relied on this new invention called (GASP!) email.

(I know, we’re pretty fancy here at Concepts.)

So I emailed Mrs. Stohler some fun get-to-know you questions and she replied back with her answers in red. (You’ll see why in a minute.) Without further adieu, allow me to present Collette Stohler

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Concepts Gives Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. In order to ‚“gobble, gobble” up the spirit of gratitude, I asked my dear colleagues (friends who I am thankful for) what they are thankful for this year. Here were their responses

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There’s an ‚“I” in Quit, but not in Team

About 2.8 million people quit their jobs in September, according to a report just released by the Labor Department. Apparently, Americans are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate since 2008.

Against trend, Concepts TV has a surprisingly low employee turnover rate. In fact, some employees have been here as long as 16 years.

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It’s Neat to Meet Steve! (He’s our new editor.)

Concepts TV welcomes award-winning Steven T. Miller as our new Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor. Miller joins Concepts with 10 years of experience in motion graphics and non-linear editing. He has worked with many high profile clients, including Ford Motors, Home Depot, A&E Network, Discovery Communications, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Turner Broadcasting. The winner of five Graphic Design USA Awards in 2013, he is incredibly talented and we are delighted to have him on board. We are also very nosy, so I sat down with Steve to get the inside scoop on our newest addition. Here’s the lowdown

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What’s scarier than a boss? Try six of them!

This past Halloween, the zany Concepts team decided to pull a prank on their beloved leader, Collette Liantonio, by dressing up as her and posing in her office. This was the scene Liantonio unknowingly walked in on

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Caitlin Prater-Haacke was a typical high school student in Alberta, Canada until something atypical happened to her - cyberbullying. A hurtful message urging her to die posted on her Facebook feed. Instead of getting even; she got positive. In retaliation, she took to Post Its; writing a positive message for everyone in her school and hanging them on their lockers. Read more

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Fact: One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fact: Breast cancer does not discriminate. All women are at risk.

Fact: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Our best defense is early detection...

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