Cats…Concepts TV’s Best Friend



Pet maintenance can be a challenge... especially with cats. Cute and cuddly, they also come with messy kitty litter and sharp nails. But at Concepts TV, cats are our best friends. Emery Cat Board and Sift & Toss are now DRTV success stories.

The Emery Cat Board, from All Star Marketing, in Hawthorne, New York boasts a patented honeycomb surface infused with catnip. It works like a nail file, so your cat can safely file his own nails as he plays on the board. The catnip keeps your cat coming back for more; the arched design of the board is a perfect stretching tool.

Sift & Toss, from marketer Norman Direct in New Berlin, Wisconsin assists with the litter box. Simply place the Sift N Toss liner into your cat’s litter box, pour the litter and then lift up the mesh liner! This removes the dirty litter for a perfectly clean litter box.

Not only was the shoot enjoyable (we got to play with kittens!), but Concepts TV also took home a Moxie Award for 'Best Short Form, Variety' for the Emery Cat DRTV commercial. A fun shoot is always fulfilling, but to be honored with a Moxie Award was the icing on top of the catnip infused cake.