Collette Is Guest on LA Talk Radio”s “The C Spot with Wendi Cooper”

Collette & Wendi talk about their experiences in the DRTV industry - from beauty products to Amish space heaters. These gals grew up in the DRTV industry.¬† They’ve learned a thing or two and now they’re going to dish about their secret ¬†formulas. You’ll have to listen for the sensational scoop on DRTV‚Ķ.

Here's the link to the show:



Collette on LA Talk Radio


And here's the summary to Wendi's show entitled "Is it Yell and Sell if you Shut the Sound Off?".....

From Wendi:

‚“Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV Productions, www.Conceptstv.com, is known as the Queen of Infomercials and rightfully so. With 30 years of experience in DRTV nothing stands in her way of churning out successful commercials for her clients. We’ve all seen them, Pajama Jeans, The Amish Fireplace, The George Foreman Grill, Furniture Fix, Finishing Touch, Better Pasta Pot, I could go on forever. I would gander a guess that she has made BILLONS of DOLLARS for her clients and built brands around the world. Seriously!
You may think it’s easy to produce a DRTV commercial, but I have news for you it’s NOT! So what’s her secret?
You’ll have to listen to find out. BTW Collette has been honored with 75 awards and recognized as One of the Top 25 Most Influential People in DRTV! I’m #26! LOL Way to rock the radio Collette! Don’t wait - listen now!”