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Concepts’ Pranksters

At Concepts, we work hard and play hard. And sometimes we prank even harder. So in honor of April Fool’s Day, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite Concepts’ pranks. Click here to see what made the top five

The Office is Closed!

When Collette was returning from a shoot on location, we thought it would be funny to close the office. Or at least pretend. We hid the cars across the street, shut the lights, and locked the doors. When she showed up, she wasn’t very pleased. But she got a good laugh eventually.

She’s in Labor!

When Kristy was pregnant and pretty close to popping, she had the idea to fake going into labor in order to mess with a fellow colleague. She went as far to pour water on the floor and yell out, ‚“My water just broke! You have to get me to the hospital.” While the poor guy was running around getting clean towels and pulling the car around, Kristy timed her contractions and worked on her breathing. Gives new meaning to the term false labor.


After a successful shoot, Collette was thrilled with the footage they shot. She couldn’t believe how well the demos came out and how much magic we were able to capture on film on a DVC Pro tape, to be specific. (Yeah, this story dates back.) So it would be a shame if that tape, oops!, suddenly broke. That’s what Collette was led to believe when they handed her an unraveled mess.

Who’s in the Shower?

When you work at a production company, you get used to the random props lying around the office. But sometimes (with the help of some shady characters) those props like to wander into unusual places, like the bathroom shower stall. One prop in particular, a headless mannequin, set up shop in that stall for quite some time and scared the bejesus out of just about everyone.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Up here in the boonies, we have bear sightings. Yes, actually bears have been spotted on our property! One afternoon, we caught one sniffing around our dumpster. The boys snapped a quick picture of the bear and then photoshopped themselves into the picture, posting it for all to see and believe. This time the joke was on you! Hehehe.

JonBehindDumpsterHappy April Fool’s to all the fools who love to fool along with us 🙂


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