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Congratulations BeActive! You’re the #1 Spot in America!

Get ready, America.¬† There’s a new spot on top.¬† Enter BeActive, the adjustable sleeve that naturally helps alleviate lower back pain.¬† This short form infomercial is climbing the charts with no signs of stopping!¬† DirayTV (the largest media buying agency in DRTV) just awarded Top Dog Direct (the direct marketer of BeActive) with the award for the #1 Media Roll-Out for Short Form Infomercials in 2014.¬† Translation?¬† It’s the #1 spot in America!...

More than 30 million Americans suffer from lower back pain and spend on average $50 billion a year to reduce the discomfort.¬† Flying off the shelves, BeActive provides an affordable alternative.¬† Since it hit the stores in Fall 2014, it has consistently been the top-selling DRTV item and now it’s being recognized as the most successful ‚“As Seen On TV” product in the nation.¬† Largely contributing to that success is the powerful marketing campaign, spearheaded by the commercial that is now ranked #1.

‚“We’re proud that DirayTV and the public have welcomed BeActive Brace into the marketplace,” said Top Dog Direct President, Bill McAlister.¬† ‚“This recognition shows that BeActive has taken over a spot formerly held by products such as Flex Seal and Snuggie.¬† BeActive Brace continues to grow and television airings are a testament to its success.”

Concepts TV was hired by Top Dog Direct to produce the blockbuster spot that has grown to become the mega hit of all time.  Combining 3D animation with compelling demos, slice of life broll, man on the street testimonials, and a chiropractor endorsement, the spot successfully introduces BeActive as a viable option to help ease the discomfort of lower back pain, buttocks and legs.

‚“We are delighted with the success of BeActive,” said Concepts President and Creative Director, Collette Liantonio.¬† ‚“As creatives, it’s rewarding when your vision speaks to people.¬† Collaborating with Tog Dog, we were thrilled with the outcome.¬† It’s a spot we’re really proud of.”

In fact, it’s such a monumental phenomenon, Concepts VP, Kristy Pinand, will be presenting BeActive as a case study¬† at the 2015 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago next week.

BeActive was invented by Akiva Shmidman.  For more information or to watch the winning spot, please visit www.BeActiveBrace.com.


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