Ephemeral Content: The 2018 Social Media Trend

A few years ago, many thought that social media was just a fad. For decades, marketers and advertisers held tightly onto the TV reign. However, in 2017, it became clear that social media marketing is here to stay. With the advent of social media marketing came Instagram stories, Snapchat, and more ephemeral content. While this type of content may have scared marketers in the beginning (content that lasts only 24 hours?), it has become apparent that it is here to stay.

Despite its short shelf life, ephemeral content offers authenticity to marketers vs. sponsored advertisements. According to an article in AdWeek, ephemeral content offers:

  • Authenticity: Viewers can see right through a sponsored ad. With an Instagram story or Snapchat, content is seen with greater authenticity.
  • FOMO: According to AdWeek, “the content is lost within hours, so it effectively raises the potential of FOMO (fear of missing out). As a result, audiences take fast action and marketers gain from it.”
  • Codes: Ephemeral content offers access to “Snap Codes or QR codes.”



Leaders in Ephemeral Content

There are various brands that have lead the way in ephemeral content including Complex Magazine, whose in-house studio produces constant videos for short-lived content platforms such as Instagram stories and Snapchat. Other leaders in this space include Refinery29, Daily Mail, Mashable, Esquire, and MTV.


As 2018 approaches, inventors and marketers should look towards producing ephemeral content on a regular basis. Distributing products through influencer pages is an authentic and trusted way to reach a targeted demographic.


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