Facebook Taking Over Online Video

Facebook has always been about community – with groups, photo albums, and universities all coming together to form the largest online society in the world. Now, Facebook is connecting people through online video with their new product, Watch.

The difference in this platform vs. the already existing “videos” tab is that shows and videos are organized around what your friends are watching. Once again, Facebook is trying to virtually connect people through shared interests, this time -- online video.


Content Creation

Facebook is utilizing the influx of content creators from around the world to produce this entirely new ecosystem for shows. This gives businesses an opportunity to capture Generation Z and millennials with their original content. There are also opportunities for product placement in Facebook original shows. The shows may not have proved revolutionary just yet, but the way of consuming the shows through online video is indeed innovative.



Danker, Daniel. Introducing Watch, a New Platform for Shows on Facebook. 9 Aug 2017. Facebook. <https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/08/introducing-watch-a-new-platform-for-shows-on-facebook/>

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