Greatest Shows on Earth!

My name is Cheron…and you can call me a magician.  I make the magic happen…just kidding.  My editors actually make the magic happen…I just make sure the edits are executed successfully without any problems.  So I guess you can call me the problem solver…or ring leader of the post-production circus.  My editors are the main attraction.  Clients travel from all over the world to see their magic tricks.  They can make editing mistakes disappear.

As the ring leader‚ĶI oversee all aspects of post-production.¬† I maintain good channels of communication between the editors, clients, producers, animators, voice over artists and dubbing facilities.¬†¬† It’s my job to ensure each stage of the project is delivered on time and within budget.¬†¬† I’ve mastered juggling many projects at once.¬† No matter what‚Ķthe show must go on.¬† We’re willing to jump through hoops to create a successful show.

So if you’re ever in our area‚Ķyou must check out our unforgettable shows.¬† We wash dogs with hoops and make back pain disappear.¬† I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.