Integrating Live Video into Social Media Strategies

It’s not as simple as just hitting “record”. Live videos require strategy and for social media, it’s important for a company or brand to publicize details of a live broadcast in advance – especially those seeking audience interaction.

According to AdWeek, “Several pharma brands have a celebrity or expert spearheading their campaigns through their brand portals and communities” and with that said, it’s important for companies to utilize their roster of influencers to get more engagement and traffic. Conducting interviews is a great way to facilitate large viewership. Having a specialist on a live video feed talking about a certain product, treatment or breakthrough allows viewers to ask questions in real time which can be beneficial to both consumer and brand!

If Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies are seeking to grow and develop their brands through social platforms, they should plan to consider content that involves interaction from viewers. AdWeek states, “By inviting comments from fans on live videos, brands get rich insights into their fan bases and their questions and concerns. Brands that don’t answer viewer questions posted as comments will lose audience participation.”

Live video is just one element of a brands campaign. Aside from announcing a live stream beforehand, actually broadcasting live, companies can and should repurpose their live videos after they’ve been broadcasted so that viewers can refer back to the interactive insights. It’s also great way to involve those who missed the live video.

The key takeaway for integrating live videos into social campaigns is that, it’s a great way for brands to grow and connect with their audience – which in turn, allows for a brand to succeed and audience’s to gain useful knowledge.


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