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It’s March Madness for Concepts

The term ‚“March Madness” takes on a whole new meaning at Concepts TV.¬† No, we haven’t joined a basketball team or a gambling ring.¬† (But if you have any insider tips, please let me know‚Ķ)¬† For us, it’s more of a production term.¬† Alas, the creative ideas and the exciting new projects are bouncing in from all over the place and here’s why‚Ķ

The Chinese New Year for 2015 began on Thursday, February 19th and ended on March 5th.  It is the longest public holiday in China, where many worldwide products are manufactured.  With manufacturing plants closed for the festive occasion, prototypes and product samples can be delayed, sometimes delaying commercial productions.   When the holiday ends, production plays catch up and we are officially in full swing with shoots and creative kick offs in every category!

In the Housewares vs. Pets bracket, Housewares is marginally ahead, but Pets is looking for a fast break!¬† Meanwhile, Fitness shows promise in the Fitness vs. Beauty bracket, but Beauty continues to score in the paint.¬† This is getting exciting.¬† It could really be any category’s game!

Known for sticking to schedules and budgets without compromising quality, Concepts typically averages six weeks for a short form production from concept through completion.  Now that sounds like a slam dunk to me.  Game on!

Basketball Eye###


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