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Mapping Out Your Vision -How Storyboards Help Your Production.


By Jon Gregory


When it comes to production, it's crucial to have organization and a clear vision of what you're about

to capture through the lens of the camera. That's where storyboards come into play.


A storyboard is a graphic representation or map of your video production.

It's made up of a number of panels with illustrations representing each shot,

with notes showing what's happening in the scene and what's being said. When looking at the shot sheet you can

then determine what is a wide shot, close up, where product placement should be, etc.

It's basically a comic book version of your script.


Creating storyboards could add a couple of days to pre production, but the added clarity and time it saves

when the shoot day arrives is invaluable. It not only helps the producer, director and DP, it also give the onscreen talent a sense

of their place in the production. Storyboards don’t have to be highly detailed, just a rough sketch can get your vision across.

and post production. We are a creative boutique so it is our job to convey visuals to clients so we are on the same page

from start to finish.


They also come in handy during the edit process in post production. It's a clear guide for the editor to follow so they can

cut an accurate segment that's close to the vision of the producer.


We recently created storyboards for a beauty product that contained full color hand drawn illustrations.

Each scene from the script was represented including product shots, onscreen testimonials along with

camera angles for models doing demos. Each panel had script audio and detailed visuals

for the editor to follow. This made the entire process much easier for the production team and faster

getting the client their commercial to review.

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