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Megatrax Curator’s Club Gives Clients the VIP Experience

Megatrax Curator’s Club Gives Clients the VIP Experience

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Launched in late 2013, the Curator’s Club is Megatrax’s VIP program rewarding client loyalty with special benefits.

One of the many benefits we’re excited about is a raffle that selects one Curator’s Club member for a company lunch on Megatrax every quarter. Congratulations to New Jersey-based Concepts TV (pictured above), the winner of the most recent lunch raffle!

James Nolan, Vice President/Senior Editor for Concepts TV, says: ‚“Megatrax is Concepts TV’s go-to source for compelling music. Membership to The Curator’s Club allows us to easily pinpoint the perfect track for each commercial. Great musicians who are also great listeners --you can’t beat that!¬† Thanks to the entire Megatrax Team...winning The Curator’s Club Raffle equals amazing catered lunch!”

In addition to fun perks like the possibility of free lunches, all Curator’s Club Backstage Pass members get the Megatrax 100% Guarantee. Under this Guarantee, every quarter we’ll create up to 12 original tracks based on Curator’s Club members’ needs (one track per quarter per club member). Tracks must be instrumental only, and :30 ‚Äì 2:00 in total duration. (No re-records, themes, logos, bumpers, sound effects or score to picture requests please.) You need it, we’ll create it.¬† Guaranteed.

What could you do with a service like this? We just completed a World Cup Soccer piece that is being used by a large broadcast group. It was a 2:00 instrumental piece reflecting the intensity and excitement of this global event that musically nods to the beautiful host country of Brazil.

If you haven’t already been inducted into the Curator’s Club, and you’d like to know more, please contact us at info@megatrax.com, and check out Megatrax.com/curators_club.php.

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