New Kid on the Block

Graduating from college is scary. Once the final semester comes to an end, everyone immediately tries to figure out what the real world has in store for them and the reality of what comes next starts to sink in – the dreaded job search! Me? I was lucky enough to skip over this tedious process and dive right into my first big girl job as a Production Assistant thanks to Concepts TV!

Just a few weeks ago, Collette brought up the company’s annual retreat during one of our weekly meetings. A company retreat sounds‚Ķinteresting. Is that where everyone sits in a circle and talks about how to improve business and churn out more revenue? Not at Concepts! A company retreat at Concepts TV involves everyone piling into a few cars, driving down to Long Beach Island, and bonding the right way. What’s the right way, you ask? Sitting on the beach, drink in hand, swapping life stories!

As I sat on the beach connecting with my co-workers, I couldn’t help but think that the best part of this whole retreat was the actual company. How lucky am I to have found a job straight out of college with a company that both challenges me and teaches me how to thrive in this industry? A job where I wake up in the morning and look forward to coming into work because even though there are hectic deadlines to be met and casting call dilemmas to sort out, I have 12 other people cheering me on and lending their support. Welcome to Concepts TV ‚Äì where the work is rewarding and the people are awesome!New Kid on the Block (1)

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