Patient Behavior and Digital Tools

Digital tools, such as fitness trackers and step counters, are on the rise in the medical field. However, these tools are not proving to be as beneficial to its wearers as previously believed.

Virtual Reality in Medicine

In today’s digital age, doctors are now able to show patients exactly what is happening in their bodies. Through virtual reality, patients are given a comprehensive look at how their body will react to the good and bad they put into it. This immersive experience gives patients a first-hand look at their future health. Virtual reality is an eye opening experience for patients because it allows them to physically see the harm they are causing their bodies. This may inspire and motivate them to begin living a more health conscious lifestyle. Concepts Video has extensive experience with Virtual Reality. Our team of highly creative animators and produces can create an incredible virtual reality experience for both patients and doctors.


Digital Tools & Wearables

Health and fitness trackers have seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years. Thanks to products like Fitbit and the Apple Watch, monitoring and tracking your health has never been easier. These wearables have the ability to track your daily step count, heart rate, calories you’ve burned, and more. The concept is innovative; however, the execution falls short among many users. Unlike virtual reality, wearables were not able to motivate its users to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This flaw is not a fault of the product, it is an issue with our “complex human behavior” according to behavioral economist Dan Ariely. Even though fitness trackers are able to lay out all of the health information we need in front of us, it will still not be enough to inspire us to make a change. Unless we see the actual imminent future of our health, like we can through virtual reality, it is hard to stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.


The Future of Patient Behavior

Digital tools in the medical field are ever changing. It appears that the more immersive and informative the product is, the patient will have a better response to that product. Clearly there is no “one size fits all” solution for everyone’s health needs. The medical field is hopeful that in the future there will be a product that will positively change patient behavior and motivate them to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


If you would like to create a virtual reality experience to motivate your patients, give Concepts Video a call today!



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