Pharmaceutical Giants Inject Themselves Into Custom Content

As advertisers try to figure out how to repurpose their capital in an ever-changing television forecast, one pharmaceutical player is taking a step towards the future. New Jersey based Johnson & Johnson has teamed up with online video giant YouTube to roll out a stream of original content. Instead of banking on a commercial, Johnson & Johnson has decided to ad-fund the series.

Next Gen

If pharmaceutical companies want to make nice with the millennial generation, they’ll have to start crafting stories that millennials will listen to. We know that the millennial generation will skip past commercials and TV in general, opting to consume their content through Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and social media. YouTube claims that more 18-49 year olds consume their platform over any of the TV Networks. Will millennials soften to big Pharma if big Pharma is the one footing the bill for their content?


Original Content

The Youtube Official blog says, “Starting in 2016, we made the decision to take YouTube to the next level. We began making premium original content for our subscription service, YouTube Red, releasing 30 series and movies in just over a year…And we kept hearing from brands they wanted to be more involved in these premium series.”

Product Placement

It’s not longer just about product placement – pharmaceutical companies and other big names have precious ad dollars that can now be spent capturing the hearts and dollars of the next generation.

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