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Please Help Us Support the Gemmell Family

I went to high school with a gentleman named Ken Gemmell. He was a nice guy. The type of guy you would expect to grow up and settle down with a great job and a loving family. When we became Facebook friends a few years back, I was delighted to see that he surpassed expectations. Studying Electrical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, he landed an awesome job with a tech company and started a beautiful family with his lovely wife, Marie. They were raising three children (Arabelle, Cole and Devin) in an adorable suburban home in Gaithersburg, Maryland and seemed to have it all...

So you can imagine how I felt last night when I heard that a small jet crashed into that adorable suburban home, killing the three passengers on board and the three residents inside – Marie (36), Cole (3) and 6-week-old Devin. Marie was found lying on top of the boys, trying to shield them from the fire and the crash.  What a brave and selfless mother.

As a spouse and a parent, I haven’t been able to shake this sinking feeling in my heart and my stomach. My heart is breaking for an old friend and his tragic loss. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. All I know is that I want to help.

A fund was set up to raise money for the remaining members of this young family whose time together was painfully cut short.  I have personally contributed and so will Concepts TV.

Please help us support Ken and Arabelle by logging onto:


…And may you rest in peace, Marie, Cole, and baby Devin.


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