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Caitlin Prater-Haacke was a typical high school student in Alberta, Canada until something atypical happened to her - cyberbullying. A hurtful message urging her to die posted on her Facebook feed. Instead of getting even; she got positive. In retaliation, she took to Post Its; writing a positive message for everyone in her school and hanging them on their lockers.

When Concepts TV caught wind of this, we created a Positive Post It Day in our office as our way of showing solidarity against bullies and their mean-spirited negativity. Only instead of lockers, we stuck Post Its to our colleagues’ computer screens. What began as a symbol of support grew into something greater and we wanted to thank Caitlin personally for her positive impact‚Ķ

Dear Caitlin,

It is our sincerest apology that at such a young age you were faced with such cruelty. Although we are angered and outraged on your behalf; we are also humbled by and grateful for your actions. Positivity feeds positivity and you just proved how one person can change the world for the better. Bravo, Caitlin! You were the bigger person and your integrity  is an inspiration.

Although we, at Concepts, are very fortunate to work in an already upbeat atmosphere, we are happy to report that the climate on Positive Post It Day was almost electrifying! The laughter was a little louder; the smiles a little wider. When you make someone feel good, you feel good, and that feel-good feeling was contagious. Employees were only asked to write ONE affirmation, but, by day’s end, computer monitors were COVERED (which may have made typing more difficult, but I digress‚Ķ). In fact, ‚“electronic Post Its” were even sent back and forth from our East Coast office to our West Coast office.

Word quickly spread past the walls of Concepts to family and friends. One employee’s mother asked if she could ‚“borrow” this idea for her school. As an elementary school principal, there’s a potential outreach of 511 students and 49 teachers. What an impact!

In light of this positively fabulous occasion, we are imploring and challenging other organizations to declare a Positive Post It Day, as well. Together, let’s end cyberbullying one Post It at a time!

Thank you again, Caitlin, for being you and for giving us the opportunity to thank those around us for being them.

Warm Regards,

Concepts TV Productions

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