Response Magazine: “A Winning Combination”

Collette Liantonio, President of Concepts TV Productions, was quoted in the March 2011 issue of Response Magazine, in the article ‚“A Winning Combination,” about how DRTV Producers balance the needs of their clients with end-user demands.

The article focuses on one of Concepts TV's latest hits, Pajama Jeans, and the strategy behind marketing it to a wide audience.

A Winning Combination
Bridget Mccrea

What do you get when you cross a successful DRTV marketer of products like Wonder Hanger with venerable toy maker Vermont Teddy Bear? The end result is PajamaJeans, an invention that the latter developed for its PajamaGram mail order firm. The product, which is pajama-soft but looks enough like real jeans to be worn in public, sold so well during the 2009 holiday season that Vermont Teddy Bear decided to market them to the masses.

To gain exposure for the product, the manufacturer began working with Williston, VT based Hampton Direct, whose ‚“As Seen on TV” hits include Furniture Fix and Total Pillow. Also on board was Boonton, NJ based Concepts TV Productions, where President Collette Liantonio and her team came up with a short-form campaign for the $39.95 product.

Liantonio took a grassroots approach to the PajamaJeans show, which she knew would reach a broader audience if a wide range of female shapes and sizes were shown wearing the pants. ‚“We didn't want to just feature emaciated girls; a good booty is really important,” says Liantonio, laughing. ‚“We cast people who had 'real' bodies. That's the beauty of the spot.”

By acknowledging the fact that the world is made up of more than just ‚“skinny minny” models, Liantonio says the marketer has been able to reach a wider audience of DRTV viewers who either order directly from TV, or who visit the PajamaJeans website for more information before buying.

‚“I ususally warn clients against selling garments on TV that come in different sizes because those items are so personalized,” says Liantonio. ‚“But in this case, the clients hit a home run, thanks to the universal appeal of the spot and the fact that it was directed at 'real' women.”

The entire article can be read by clicking here.