Long Form Infomercial

For more than 35 years Concepts TV has produced hit infomercials. From the early days of the Flowbee and DIDI7 to recent infomercials such as The Maxi Climber and Hip Hop Abs, Concepts TV continues to successfully deliver the infomercial message to consumers.

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Long Form Infomercial Services

Let Us Make Your Infomercial a DRTV Legend!

A series of pre-production meetings will help formulate a winning marketing approach for your product. With the creative direction determined, our production team will execute these creative strategies in order to provide a successful shoot. Then, they will pass your project on to our award-winning post-production crew. We know every format for every country: we produce 3 min., 4 min., 7.5 min., 15 minute and 30 minute Long Form Shows. We pride ourselves on creating a compelling story and a winning Long Form for your brand.

Transform Your Product into a Household Name