Social Media: Your Gateway to Generation Z

The video business is back and bigger than ever with audiences shifting from television to social media for their content consumption. YouTube and Facebook are the two main digital platforms that are prioritizing video content. As these two digital giants race to reign, brands can capitalize on this shift in advertising dollars.


In 2014, Facebook started displaying in-feed video advertisements. Now, the digital behemoth is focusing its efforts on live streaming, pre-roll and mid-video advertisements. While Facebook used to focus on photo and written updates, the social media platform switched to video content to usurp YouTube.


Live Streaming

Almost all of the social media platforms are now incorporating live streaming into their networks. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all own unique streaming technologies. In order to promote live content, the social media algorithms are prioritizing live streams into the top of users newsfeeds. By utilizing the live feed, it is the perfect time for brands to shine in front of followers internationally.

TV Dollars Dive into Digital

According to Debra Williamson of AdAge, “RBC and Advertising Age have found that the percentage of marketers using TV ad dollars as a source of funding for digital campaigns is on the rise. In February 2016, 40% of respondents said they were doing so, up from 37% in September 2015.”


Targeted Marketing

The beauty of digital marketing is that potential customers can be keenly targeted. Tina Mahal, vice president of innovation at Frito-Lay was quoted in AdAge, “"It requires balancing the total media budget to reach consumers in the most effective way. It doesn't necessarily require an additional investment -- it just requires making smarter choices so that the brand is where the consumer is.

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