Sumo Wrestlers – The New Infomercial Star

Sumo wrestlers (those enormous men who wrestle in diaper-like uniforms) have become the biggest and brightest stars at Concepts TV!  Furniture Fix, from Marketer Hampton Direct and DRTV consultant SRM Direct is a support system designed to add support to older, sagging sofas. Our challenge was to visually convey the strength and durability of Furniture Fix?

We cast men and women of varying ages and placed them on an assortment of old couches and chairs for ‚“before” and ‚“after” shots. The difference was instantly evident. With Furniture Fix, everyone instantly appeared taller and were no longer ‚“slouching”. ¬†They were also able to stand up easily rather than struggling out of their seat cushion. But DRTV is all about creating memorable, dramatic demonstrations. So, we brought in the Sumo wrestlers. We cast one 400 lb Sumo wrestler and another 600 lb wrestler. We asked both wrestlers to sit together on a couch supported by Furniture Fix panels. Even with 1,000 lbs of weight resting upon the cushions, the couch still did not sag or sink! Everyone who sees the commercial remembers that amazing demonstration!