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I have been producing branded live air segments on news programs and lifestyle shows for over 10+ years. As the newest member to join the Concepts TV family, I have to become an expert in a whole new game. What is different about being a producer for live air vs. producing a DRTV spot?  In one word… EVERYTHING!

Let’s start with the obvious difference‚Ķ Live is well, live!¬† If a talent flubs the name of a product on live air, as a producer I have little control. ¬†It happened, and it’s out there.¬† In DRTV producing, I have the luxury of everything being taped and having near total control of how our product is represented on camera.¬† If the logo of our shooting product is looking a little dull?¬† No problem it’s taped! We have the great fortune to tweak lighting, camera angles or even swap it out for a spare to make sure the product shines.

The next difference between producing live air and DRTV is ‚“Who’s the boss”.¬† In live branded segment producing, the talent is the star of the show and my job was to make them look good.¬† In DRTV the product is ALWAYS the star!!¬† The talent’s job is to ‚Äòblend in’ and make the product stand out.¬†¬† I often hear on set from the Director ‚“that looks too interesting‚Ķ” meaning something in the shot is pulling focus away from the product. ¬†Be it the color of a shirt, a painting in the background, or angle at which we are filming.¬† All things I am able to change on set and that is a true luxury I have when taping DRTV vs. going live‚Ķ.

Finally in my transition from live to DRTV, perhaps the biggest difference I found is the ability to tell a story and capture genuine and heartfelt sentiments about any given product.¬† During live air, I would sometimes have a ‚ÄòMan on the Street’ segment where average Joe would try something out and give an opinion.¬† I pause now to give a confession from this producer to you the reader‚Ķ There is nothing more terrifying than being in a control room, and watching an un-rehearsed everyday Joe slam your product live on the air with a room full of brand executives standing behind you. Thankfully, now that I am producing in the DRTV world, I no longer have that terror!¬† Testimonials are nurtured and developed with care.¬† I make sure that folks have time to try the product, get accustomed to it and be able to provide genuine and heartfelt feedback on all the positive aspects associated with their personal experience using it.

I could go on and on and perhaps write a yearlong series of blogs on the differences I have encountered so far in my transition into producing DRTV.¬† But for now, I’ll just say‚Ķ

From Concepts TV in Northern NJ, we are going live in 5…4…3…2…1…