The Right Producer – The Right Media Buyer

by Collette Liantonio, President, Concepts TV Productions

With a maximum of one minute plus 40 something seconds of sell time, literally every second counts. Select an experienced short form, producer who knows how to make the most of those precious selling moments. The experts rely on a proven foimula with a problem/solution approach. Different products require different formulas. Gadgets, Books, Magazines or Beauty Aids each have different formulas. But all formulas create the urgent need to "Act Now." Media rates are deeply discounted and traditionally bought on the basis of proven past performance. Choose a media buyer who has managed successful short form campaigns.

When To Use Short Form

  1. To sell products with a price point of twenty dollars or less
  2. To sell products with higher price points with a payment plan
  3. To drive retail campaigns
  4. To generate leads
  5. To test price points and premiums
  6. To test retail markets
  7. To drive direct mail and print campaigns
  8. To create brand awareness in a cost effective manner
  9. To distribute samples or free offers

Why Use Short Form?

1. Test More Efficiently

  • Price Testing, Offer Testing, Premium testing are all accomplished more efficiently in terms of time and money.

2. Drive Retail

  • Spot campaigns drive retail sales better than any other medium. It's the preferred length to achieve the frequency and reach necessary for retail sales momentum