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The Year of ‚“Know”, The Places We’ll Go

Collette Liantonio and I once conversed about the similarities of an infomercial to a Dr. Seuss book.  For starters, they both educate through entertainment.  They both rely on magical (and exaggerated) imagery to illustrate a point.  And, of course, they both have rhyme time.  They rhyme, they rhyme, oh, yes they do.  We are rhyme maker-uppers just for you!     

A delightful and fascinating conversation, I had filed it away until we had our 2015 kickoff meeting...  

This is the first meeting of the year where Collette inspires us with an empowering speech.¬† These speeches typically have aspirational themes. ¬†Last year’s theme was teambuilding.¬† This year’s theme is education.¬† ‚“I want everyone to thrive,” rallied Liantonio. ¬†‚“Find your fit, so you can grow and thrive.”

Therefore, the next 12 months will be devoted toward the pursuit of knowledge.  Liantonio wants her staff to feel a sense of fulfillment in their chosen careers and grow within them.  We are individually encouraged to research and seek out seminars and workshops that will better our understanding of our jobs and our industry.  In other words, build upon what we currently know and what we currently do.

Meanwhile, Liantonio already has a facility tour scheduled for us. ¬†Educational trips and career-development conventions are pre-planned for the year.¬† And ‚“Lunch and Learns” are on the calendar where we eat lunch with (and learn from) an expert in our field.

As my inner geek beamed at the opportunity to learn more and, yes dear, steer my career here, my mind suddenly went back to Dr. Seuss and the story, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!¬†

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

Only this isn’t our day; this is our year!¬† Looking forward to the year of ‚“know”.¬† Oh, the places we will go‚Ķ

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