The Year of the Foot for DRTV Products

Concepts TV of Boonton, NJ has deemed this year, ‚ÄòThe Year of the Foot’. DRTV Marketer Ontel Products of Fairfield, NJ has tapped Concepts creative talents to introduce 4 new foot products.

Strutz Sole Angels, give your feet the support they need to get through the day pain free. Designed to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis, you can wear Strutz Sole Angels with any type of shoe! The creative approach combined state of the art animation, musical stings and heartfelt testimonials.

For pain and swelling in your feet, calves, and ankles, try Miracle Socks! Miracle Socks are perfect for the senior demographic as well as serious athletes! The compression technology behind Miracle Socks regulates the flow of excess fluid, quickly relieving pain and swelling. We cast seniors, athletes and ‚“travelers” to convey the benefits.

Miracle Slippers feature gel soles that act like shock absorbers, contouring to your feet. To demonstrate the power of the cushion, we used an amazing demonstration, ‚Äòthe egg-drop test.’ We had a cast member stand atop a stepladder and drop an egg down onto your everyday slipper. The egg cracked and splattered upon impact. Next, we dropped an egg onto a Miracle Slipper. What was the result? The egg bounced! Not just a small bounce, but 2 feet into the air! Talk about walking on air!

The dirt and mud on filthy shoes can be just as annoying as painful feet. The Clean Step Mat is the perfect solution for muddy feet and paws. Without having to worry about tracking dirt on and off the set, shoots run much more smoothly. So smoothly in fact, that Concepts TV was bestowed a Bronze Telly Award for producing this commercial.