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What’s scarier than a boss? Try six of them!

This past Halloween, the zany Concepts team decided to pull a prank on their beloved leader, Collette Liantonio, by dressing up as her and posing in her office. This was the scene Liantonio unknowingly walked in on…


After a hearty chuckle, Liantonio said, ‚“This is disturbing. You’re all sick!” Then, she casually greeted the version of herself occupying her chair. ‚“Hello, Collette.”

Alas, there were many Collette versions and as she looked around the room at the different styles and trends, she humorously referred to us as ‚“Collette’s Barbies”. (Yours truly was ‚“Plaid Collette”.)

Liantonio was a good sport and the office was filled with Halloween cheer. Oftentimes forgetting we were dressed up while doing ‚“real work”, a common phrase echoed down the hall...

‚“Oh my God, I thought you were Collette!”

This exchange was inevitably followed by giggles and fun impersonations.

Even Collette forgot herself a few times. When I handed her a document, she couldn’t keep a straight face. ‚“Do I really wear that many rings?!” she asked.

Accessories proved to be the theme. Covered in necklaces, scarves, rings, and bracelets; sporting stylish high heels, trendy sunglasses and lots of blond wigs, we rejoiced in fumbling through our designer purses for our coveted iPhones. (One can never leave home without it!)

Some of us (ah-hem, Frank) even adopted Collette’s sexy swagger‚Ķ


We were truly committed to our characters.  Or are we characters that should truly be committed?!  Hmm...

Whatever the case, hope your Halloween was as festive as ours!



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