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Concepts TV On Fire In New Jersey's Infomercial Hotbed

With 3 Decades of Production Success, the Boonton-Based Company Remains at the Core of the DRTV Explosion

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BOONTON, N.J. (4/2/12) ‚Äì Ever wonder where all those addictive infomercials originate? Like California’s Silicon Valley, the Northeast has given rise to a similar infomercial mecca stretching from New England to the Philadelphia suburbs. One infomercial agency, Concepts TV Productions in Boonton, New Jersey remains at its center.

Founded by Montville, N.J., resident and Brooklyn native Collette Liantonio in 1983, this creative boutique has been involved in hundreds of infomercial hits. Four of its recent productions (Furniture Fix, Wonder Hanger, Twin Draft Guard and Total Pillow for Vermont-based marketer Hampton Direct) are contributing to this amazing success story. Concepts’ large portfolio of direct marketing clients also includes New Jersey based marketers TELEBrands, IdeaVillage, Ontel and Tristar Products.

‚“We are proud of all of the work we’ve done to create infomercial hits during the past three decades, but it’s our work with those in the Tri-State region, that has been the most satisfying,” says Liantonio. The president and founder of Concepts TV Productions has won more than 70 production awards for her direct response television work. ‚“In fact, three of our Garden State’s earliest DRTV hit products, Ambervision (TELEBrands), Topsy Tail and Bedazzler (TV Winners), were crucial to elevating New Jersey into a leadership role in the world of commercial television.”

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