Opening a New Door for Concepts TV!


Written By : Laraine Lamicella

With 10 years plus at Concepts TV, the growth I have witnessed is remarkable! I have seen the company grow from 9 employees in 2006 to the current 15.  Of course the number one goal in any business is to grow the client base but the domino effect that takes place is endless.  When I joined Concepts TV, we occupied the 2 upper levels of a charming Victorian home, with a swimming pool in the backyard which we utilized for shoots and an occasional afternoon swim. With the staff growing not only did we need more office space but parking was a nightmare! There went the swimming pool! Filling in the pool to accommodate additional parking spots became a necessity. And incorporating the 1st level into our office space was a huge help.

As the Finance/ HR Director, for me having a door on my office was unquestionably a must but somehow never possible! My first office, in the reception area had ZERO privacy, always needing to whisper or go to a different office should a sensitive issue arise.  My 2nd home at Concepts was the 1st level living room. Although much larger, still no door!  With the kitchen neighboring my new space, lunch time or kitchen shoots made confidential conversations quite challenging. So last year when Concepts TV realized a lifelong dream of building a 10,000 square foot new office with our very own studio, I thought finally a door!

We are currently under construction building our state-of-the-art studio and offices where we hope to bring our number of staff members to an all-time high and bring our business to a whole new level. Launching Concepts TV medical marketing division earlier this year is just one of the many areas where we plan to grow and reach out to new clients. With our new home scheduled for completion in the fall, we look forward to opening many new doors including Mine!