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Advertising to Millennials

News is consumed in many ways including through social media. The younger age bracket, aka Millennials, ages 18-34, tend to skew towards YouTube and Facebook for their news consumption, while this age group only accounted for 8% of viewers on national broadcast television.

Digital Municipalities

That’s why NBC News is pivoting and serving their news from an innovative broadcast menu. Matt Danzico, head of NBC Left Field, a division of NBC that produces short documentaries for social media said, “it’s my belief that broadcaster need to begin viewing these hubs as digital cities. So in the same way that it’s clearly important for NBC [to] have local bureaus to serve news and information for, about and within the actual cities their audiences live, it’s now imperative that we exist within these digital municipalities.”


Digital Advertising

While NBC Left Field videos will not have advertisements to start out, ads will not be far behind. NBC News will not rely solely on traditional commercials, but it will look to utilize the popularity of branded content and influencer marketing.

For brands looking to advertise to the 18-34 set, digital is the way to go. Between Johnson & Johnson funding YouTube, NBC launching Left Field, and CNN’s “Great Big Story,” the new way to advertise is upon us.
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