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Marketing to Millennials

While Millennials used to be known as the lazy generation, they now have the largest buying power of any generation. This change in buying power creates a demand for new marketing strategies. Millennials are consuming more and more video content and they will spend more time in front of “screens” than any generation before. In this recent article, Oren Boiman discusses how important video marketing is for any company.  

Per Oren,

“There are countless reasons why video should be central to your marketing strategy. The biggest one is that the millennial generation does not grant trust easily, nor to many. Video fits with the way millennials experience the world: highly visual, easy to consume, personal and experiential.”

This means that video marketing and video content are becoming more important than ever.  With this increased screen time and resistance to “old school” ads like billboards or pop-up ads, video content is becoming critical for any brand.  If you want to get a portion of the millennials spending on your product, then video content should be a chief component of your marketing spend.  

Marketing to Millennials with instagram VideoHow can companies react?  Per Oren, “The simple truth is the scale and pace of video creation requires exponentially more agile production capabilities.”

This means brands need to look outside the normal video content of commercials or web videos.  Videos like “Tasty” food videos, how-to videos, and product review videos are all great ways to get product in front of the eyes of customers.  At Concepts Video, our in-house studio allow us to shoot any needs for our customers; kitchen shots, white cyc, or on-site video.  Our in-house editing suite allows us to turn projects around quickly to keep up with the attention span and changing consumer landscape of millennials.

Like Oren said, “In the end, the process of finding your video strategy is much like buying a house.” At Concepts Video, our expert Creative Team can help craft and develop a winning video strategy for any brand.

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