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Online Video: The Art of the Demo – Part II

The art of the demo has been around for hundreds of years. But how do you prove that one product is better than the rest? With the demonstration!

How-to Demo

Every top Facebook video or As Seen on TV Product knows that the demo sells the product. To create a good demo, think about creating something visually stimulating for a child. If you couldn’t explain a product in big words like you would to a fancy businessman or businesswoman, how could you show a child that the product works?

Let’s take for a knife for a product as an example. A child may know that a knife cuts through things, but they don’t understand the importance of a truly sharp knife. Children don’t understand how to cook; they don’t understand that a dull knife is dangerous, or that a sharp knife is every chef’s secret weapon. So how can you clearly and concisely show and not tell the benefits of a knife? To expertly demonstrate the sharpness and unique properties of the Bonzai knife, Concepts went to a public place and had ordinary people try the product for themselves. Concepts turned civilians into samurais and had ordinary people slice through hard to cut through items with one swoop.

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