Video Marketing Is As Easy As “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Video marketing used to be reserved for the Fortune 500 companies of the world. However, with the advent of social media and easy to use cameras, it is much easier for small business owners to create video content.

According to an article in Forbes, “at least 60% of consumers are watching branded videos on social media daily.” Forbes continued to say, “76.5% of professional marketers and SMB owners have found that using video has had a direct impact on their bottom lines.”


Forbes has a few recommendations for those looking to break into video marketing:

“Your message is the same:” Small business owners need to convey their unique selling points of their company and products. Focus on the story and the rest will come together.

“Sharing your content is easier:” Small business owners don’t need to fight the big guys for advertising space any longer. SMB’s can reach customers through email marketing, websites, and social media.

Easy to use video editing software: You don’t need to have a professional editing suite or Final Cut Pro to make engaging videos. Software like GoPro Quikstories, Facebook Live, and iMovie make it easy for the layman to create movie magic.



Hsiao, Jason. “Why Video Marketing is Easier Than You Think.” Forbes. 3 Oct 2017. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2017/10/03/why-video-marketing-is-easier-than-you-think/2/#143db4de50ac

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